Won’t talk to demons for wages


In response to William Noah of Baker Lake (Nunatsiaq News, Jan. 27) on his quest for a solution on suicide prevention up here in the North, there were good points at the beginning of his letter.

Knowing of the serious consequences that befall the victims of suicide, however, the conclusion of that particular letter ends up as the equivalent of a B-movie.

Why do we need a really gifted person to cast out demons, when, according to Noah, we only have to ask “a demon within the unfortunate individual,” who are you?

As a victim of suicide (two suicides in my household), I could get better, down to earth advice or condolence from the Desiderata: “If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter.”

And do not tell anyone to start talking to your demons. I don’t think anyone would like that, you know, talking with spirits. Nor even for wages.

Johnny Qitsualik

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