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NEWS: Iqaluit July 12, 2018 - 9:30 am

Iqaluit firefighters douse dump fire

Landfill remains closed as public works crews deliver water to site

Iqaluit's landfill caught fire around 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, July 11. (PHOTO BY BETH BROWN)
Iqaluit's landfill caught fire around 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, July 11. (PHOTO BY BETH BROWN)

Dark smoke wafted across Frobisher Bay yesterday evening, bringing with it a smell familiar to many Iqaluit residents—a dump fire.

When Iqaluit’s landfill on West 40 Rd. caught fire at around 5:30 p.m. on July 11, it took about two hours for 25 members of Iqaluit’s Fire Department to get that blaze under control.

Today, the landfill is closed.

“Public Works crews are continuing to deliver trucked water to the site. Crews will remain on site until the fire is fully extinguished,” the City of Iqaluit said in a public service announcement sent just before 9 p.m.

While the fire was burning, water trucks sped down the road, beeping at cars they needed to pass.

Iqaluit Mayor Madeleine Redfern took to Twitter to remind residents that checking out the fire meant getting in the way of emergency workers.

At the dump, police blocked the road while the fire department worked on the flames.

Residents who took photos from afar brought up the familiar Iqaluit hashtag “dumpcano” in light of a month-long dump fire from 2014.

It remains unclear how the fire started. City officials say they will provide an update on the situation later today.

Firefighters doused the fire for about two hours. (PHOTO BY BETH BROWN)
Firefighters doused the fire for about two hours. (PHOTO BY BETH BROWN)
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(9) Comments:

#1. Posted by Just a thought on July 12, 2018

Maybe they should create an area just to burn garbage, so they can control the intensity of the fire, without having to fight a major fire?  Burn a little each time the wind allows and at the very least, you won’t have a ever growing mountain of garbage.

#2. Posted by Longterm Res on July 12, 2018

How long will this continue. The land fill is a major disaster waiting to happen. It’s become a disgusting, unsightly mess. It’s time the city took the bull by the horns, cleaned things up and implemented a better way to deal with the garbage issue. Just think, when the deep sea port is up and running this will be the first thing cruise ship tourists will see. Now won’t that be something to be proud of!

#3. Posted by Camp owner on July 12, 2018

How about the elders that have camps their all year around to get away from their grandchildren who rob them for their $’s?
How about all of us that go fishing to feed our family?
Our fish are eating all that garbage that blows to the river and the ocean.
I wish the premier can go look at the dump and do something about it right now.
When you pass the lagoon, and start to get close to the dump, all you see on both side of the road is garbage, garbage and more garbage.
How can the Mayor let this happened for so many years? They should get the friggion BCC inmates that did that riot go there and pick up every piece of garbage. So sick of this BS dump issue because it runs our lives, and it is controlling this city.
I heard the last time there was a premier from Ottawa here, they wouldn’t even drive him by the dump, and we all know why because you guys don’t want it seen, but don’t care if we Iqalumiut sees it every friggion day.

Please name withheld.

#4. Posted by Young Inuk on July 12, 2018

#1 In my community, that is how we control our dump site. Great idea, We also have a fence around the dump to mitigate the garbage from getting into the ocean and surrounding areas

#5. Posted by pissed off on July 12, 2018

The City has been offered many, many times proper solutions for a controlled burn that would meet the regulations .
And not expensive either. Everytime they flatly rejected those saying that a proper study was being done.
Well you could bury a truck with all the studies that have been done about that issue and we are still with the same mess.
Only the consultants are smiling!!!


#6. Posted by Paul Murphy on July 12, 2018

And while we are on the topic. What water was used to put the fire out.  We are in a crisis mode with our fresh water supply that this hamlet (and that is starting to overstate the qualification here) has known about for years and done nothing about but talk.

#7. Posted by go on the readio and say how or what is better on July 12, 2018

I would like to hear some people go on the radio and say what would work better than the consultants or City officials who thinks they know the problem to shove the issue ,

City of Iqaluit can’t even take care of the blown away plastic bag going to the sea gross me out .


#8. Posted by Sue on July 12, 2018

#3. When I go fishing I see all of “you”, who smoke, throw their butts into the water, as they fish! And if u see garbage…. pick it up, we do.

#9. Posted by Putuguk on July 13, 2018

What an utter gong show.

Honestly what is going to take in this territory for municipalities to get serious about waste management. It is just not a glamorous issue that gets people elected or people fired I guess.

Local governments are swamped with things like liquor issues, mental health, cannabis, polar bear patrols, alternative energy pilots - you name it - every issue under the sun ends up dumped at their doorstep.

The agencies responsible for these areas need to pony up and do their job.

Of course municipalities lose sight of their primary duties. If each and every local government in Nunavut spent as much time and effort on waste as they do for downloaded responsibilities, this would have been solved years ago.

Water and Waste - the bare bones basics for keeping a place safe and healthy.

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