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NEWS: Nunavik August 02, 2018 - 1:34 pm

Montreal police find missing, injured Nunavik woman

Mina Aculiak still recovering from April police altercation in Umiujaq

Mina Aculiak, 48, went missing for six days after Montreal police released her from a detention centre in the city’s west end late July 27. She was found Aug. 2
Mina Aculiak, 48, went missing for six days after Montreal police released her from a detention centre in the city’s west end late July 27. She was found Aug. 2 "safe and sound," police said. (PHOTO COURTESY OF SPVM)

Montreal police say they’ve located an injured Nunavik woman who went missing for six days after she was released from a detention centre in the city July 27.

Mina Aculiak, from Umiujaq, was found “safe and sound” by an off-duty police officer in the city’s west end the morning of Aug. 2, Montreal’s police service said.

But the woman’s disappearance raises questions about how she was released by police almost a week earlier, while intoxicated, injured and potentially suicidal.

This past April, Aculiak, 48, was struck by a police car in her home community while officers there tried to apprehend her for allegedly threatening another person with a knife.

The woman suffered broken ribs, fractured vertebrae, a broken arm, a punctured lung and a lacerated liver and kidney, which she was treated for at the Montreal General Hospital, according to a report by La Presse.

Aculiak was transferred in June to complete her recovery at the rehabilitation centre, where she was waiting for surgery.

It was from there on the night of July 27 that Montreal police said the woman stepped outside for a cigarette and consumed alcohol.

When she returned to the centre intoxicated, staff called Montreal police, who transported Aculiak to their detention centre in Ville Saint-Laurent to sober up.

Sometime just before midnight on July 27, officers released Aculiak and provided her with a bus ticket for her return to the rehabilitation centre, according to
a police spokesperson.

Five days later, police issued a missing person’s notice, saying they feared for her safety.

Aculiak had been last heard making comments about suicide. She doesn’t speak English or French and left the police station with a catheter and her arm in a sling.

The circumstances of Aculiak’s original injuries are already the focus of an investigation, launched two months after the April incident, by Quebec’s police watchdog, the Bureau des enquêtes indépendantes.

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(11) Comments:

#1. Posted by Duties on August 03, 2018

Suspend or fire the cop that didn’t bring her home, tuck her in and give her a warm glass of milk.
Seems to be wild expectations of the RCMP. This was not an innocent victim. She was hurt while breaking the law. She got herself arrested for breaking the rules of the facility. Where is her personal responsibility.

#2. Posted by My Thoughts on August 03, 2018

I am sure there is two sides of story. Just glad she was found . Instead of letting her go on bus middle of night somebody should have been notified, perhaps her hospital bracelet has contact info? This is real hard to understand when alcohol was involved . Too much alcohol= demons come out when you black out, never happy ending when you black out. Common sense ain’t no so common these days.

learn from this and hope/pray it don’t happen again.

#3. Posted by Winnie the Pooh on August 03, 2018

Mina s big adventure in the big city

#4. Posted by Devil’s fault on August 03, 2018

48 years old. Let her watch some videos of how 9 and 10 year old kids behave in Montreal. But again, is she capable of understanding? It seems people like that are not to blame for their actions. They don’t know the city, but know where to get the alcohol and drugs. Montreal gets tired of babysitting people from Nunavik. Yes, no responsibility, I’m from Nunavik. I want to get high. And everyone must take care of me. Maybe the police could have done better, I don’t know, as I don’t know the whole story. But I do know the behaviours of Nunavik people, and too many are not taking responsibility for their actions. This makes it very bad for all the good people of Nunavik.

#5. Posted by Nunavutmiut on August 06, 2018

#1 the rcmp don’t police northern Quebec or the city of Montreal.

#6. Posted by Find her the right service on August 06, 2018

Shows how there are no services in small towns. Social Services tried to help the woman in every way(while the community workers were eating junk food laughing loudly in the next room )  but her condition was too serious.
She got medivaced many times before the rough cop hit her with his vehicle, maybe the officer thought he was still in Akulivik.

#7. Posted by so foul, discrimination again on August 07, 2018

lol, oh man, another foul comments, a racial discrimination, not even knowing or having to knowledge what kind of Police Force that up North have, for Nunavik Police, there KRPF - Kativik Regional Police Force, and Nunavut is RCMP, and Surete du Quebec is in Kuujjuaq Nunavik, that carries higher investigations to assist KRPF.

& Montreal has its own Municipal Policing, then there is SQ Police, and RCMP and so on.

so southerner that made a comment without knowing of Police forces that runs around relocated areas.

But, I am so thankful, that the woman was found safe! she is still innocent indigenous woman, a mother, sister, future grandmother, an Aunt to someone, sibling, just you have your own family.

We all learn from mistakes, and we correct them, learning everyday

#8. Posted by Fed up on August 07, 2018

Inuk, white, cree, black, brown, yellow, doesn’t matter what kind of person this is, this is a human being like you but unlike you she has a heart and has feelings.  She would never hurt you the way you have and always will, because of people like you who discriminate, hurt intentionally we live in a world of stupidity.  She may not understand english at all nor speak it.  Do you even know her to fully understand what and why things happened the way they did?  Are you as a person willing to accept being just hit and run over by police and act like nothing happened?  WOW.  How evil your hearts and minds are.  Still a point of return though for you.  How would you like being hospitalized for so many weeks and almost die because two dumb cops decided to hit her?  And they’re still working here?  They’ve been doing better though, no longer harassing people or acting like they own the people and rule over them. God have mercy on your souls.

#9. Posted by Johnny Commonsense on August 07, 2018

Well now, a little common sense goes a long way, like remembering the lesser known golden rule: Thou shalt not run around armed with a knife in public.  Or the Silver Rule: if Thou is armed with a knife and the cop’s armed with a gun and a truck and a duty to stop thou, drop the knife.  Or the bronze rule: If thou is recovering from a failure to recall the golden or the silver rule, don’t get drunk in a strange place if thou doesn’t know the language and get thouself kicked out of thou’s rehab home.  Then there’s the zinc rule: if thou have a catheter in ye arm thou’s arm shouldn’t have any booze at its extremity.  Or the lead rule:  if thou doth be unsure, ask a 5 year olde.  If they say “Bad Idea”, thou should take them at their worde and go back to thine room at Ye Olde Ullivik and sleep ye bed till the bad idea passes…

#10. Posted by Pagan on August 08, 2018

For #2,Insitutitional discrimination against visible minorities is a common practice in the south, regardless of education or income, just because of skin colour.. The police/officer should’ve done more rather just leaving her somewhere with a single bus ticket/

#11. Posted by Wake up on August 08, 2018

Makes inuit look so bad. People from Nunavik going south should at least think of what they’re doing to the reputation of inuit. If you don’t care about yourself, at least have a heart to care about the Nunavik inuit. When our kids go down south, even them are tarnished with this bad reputation that people like Mina make for them. Like it or not, everything you do that is irresponsible comes back to haunt the Inuit and Nunavik people. So many good people in Nunavik are tarnished by the Minas.

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