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NEWS: Nunavut May 25, 2018 - 8:00 am

Nunavut women’s group wants Igloolik businessman stripped of medal

"Haulli's violent, predatory and calculated behaviour was heinous"

The Qulliit Status of Women Council wants the office of the governor general to revoke a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal given to Igloolik business owner Ike Haulli in 2012.
The Qulliit Status of Women Council wants the office of the governor general to revoke a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal given to Igloolik business owner Ike Haulli in 2012.

The Qulliit Nunavut Status of Women Council has asked the office of the governor general of Canada to revoke a medal issued to a prominent Nunavut leader recently outed as a sexual predator.

A recent civil court judgement exposed Ike Haulli, an Igloolik business owner and past chair of the Baffin Regional Chamber of Commerce, as having sexually abused children between 1968 and 1986.

Qulliit’s council members expressed outrage at Haulli’s decades of abusive behaviour in a May 24 release.

“Haulli’s violent, predatory and calculated behaviour was heinous,” the women’s organization said in the release. “By referring to his crimes as mistakes he attempted to minimize his acts of traumatizing violence.”

Haulli, the owner of Savik Enterprises Ltd., was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012 for contributions to his community.

The medals were awarded to to Haulli and dozens of other recipients by partner organizations who had been invited to nominate candidates from their community or organization, the governor general’s office told Nunatsiaq News in an email.

Qulliit has now asked that office to launch the process of having the medal revoked, and the organization is asking Nunavummiut to support its request.

The public can contact the governor general’s office at to request the cancellation of Haulli’s medal.

“We call on all northerners to protect and support those vulnerable to the violent actions of some men and boys,” Quillit said.

“We applaud all the women and girls who have so courageously come forward, who have been victimized by these violent acts. We stand with you against these crimes and this injustice.”

Victims of violence can reach out for support through the following organizations:

Community Justice Outreach Workers

Representative for Children and Youth

Family Services – shelters/information on violence

GN Department of Health


Public Safety Canada

Nunavut Law Society or call toll-free 1-844-979-2330

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(12) Comments:

#1. Posted by agreed on May 25, 2018

Agreed that the medals should be revoked. But why was a criminal record check not done before he was nominated.
Who nominated him? did they know he past? It appears that it was common knowledge in Igloolik what he did in the past.

#2. Posted by Good idea on May 25, 2018

This is an excellent idea.  In Resolute Bay there is a registered sex offender who won the Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal, this should be revoked as well.

#3. Posted by Dangerous Predator on May 25, 2018

I have a quiet hatred for NARCISISSTIC CHILD PREDATORS like him!  Revoke his medal and others like him, no guilt or conscience.  Destroyer of lives!  Wretching up disgust.

#4. Posted by Only in Nunavut on May 25, 2018

There are a lot of people, native and non native, just like this guy in
Nunavut and nothing is done about it.
Typical Nunavut.

#5. Posted by Only in Nunavut on May 25, 2018

Agree with poster 4.

The people awarding these and even more prestigious awards know of common knowledge but still go ahead giving tokens which represent honour.

Why are they not ever held accountable?

Gives the impression that it is okay to get away with criminal behaviour or to take advantage of poor or desperate situations.

#6. Posted by Crim on May 25, 2018

It crim that people’s get medal and sex offend! Crim!

#7. Posted by Day Of Reckoning on May 25, 2018

To all those still walking around who have abused children:

Your time is up.
You got away with it for years, but someone is going to get brave and go forward and “out” you.

Hope it is soon!  It’s coming!

#8. Posted by Karen on May 25, 2018

I was surprised at some of the people who received these Diamond Jubilee Medals, some with past criminal records, some who really didn’t do much compared to others and getting nominated and receiving this medal.

I didn’t think much of this medal at the time with some of the people receiving them now I really don’t care for it, with guys like this who destroyed lives having it pined on him. There were some really good people who received this but others who did not deserve the recognition also received this medal and it tainted the quality and respect for it.

#9. Posted by Cheryl Dies on May 25, 2018

Perhaps it’s time to do away with awards, commendations, and all things “person” related - including putting people’s names on buildings and recreational facilities. There are ghosts in a lot of closets, people are easily offended and the way of the world seems to be “keep it generic”.

#10. Posted by Legality on May 25, 2018

People should get justice, if not they will probably make their own
through violence, arson, or larceny.
#8 & #9,
Good points, If people want to have a memorial to their relatives let
them pay for it.

#11. Posted by Ron on May 25, 2018

I think instead of doing away with awards and so on we do a better job at recognizing the right people who do not have criminal records, who did not abused kids.
There are some really great people out there that do not get this kind of recognition. Young or old.

#12. Posted by Sure Thing on May 27, 2018

# 10,
If you or others, pounded a wicked predator, because of what they had
done then the cops and judges are going to kick your ass to jail.
  They won’t do it to the predators.

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