16 men, one woman elected or acclaimed

Nunavut election 2008: by the numbers


Here are the preliminary results from the Oct. 27 territorial election, as calculated by Elections Nunavut.

Elections Nunavut says that about 8,000 people voted in the election, producing a Nunavut-wide turnout figure of about 71 per cent.

That's about 10 per cent lower than the 81 per cent turnout that Elections Nunavut estimated for the 2004 election.

Because of possible discrepancies in the way they're calculated, turnout estimates should be treated with caution.

The election in this constituency is cancelled, pending a court decision on an appeal mounted by prospective candidate Jack Anawak.

Louis Tapardjuk: 399
Joanna Haulli Quassa: 213
Turnout: 59.2%

Daniel Shewchuk: 310
Sheila Napayok: 169
Peter Kritaqliluk: 162
Turnout: 66.4%

Baker Lake
Moses Aupaluktuq: 266
David Simailak: 236
Elijah Amarook: 144
Turnout: 67.1%

Cambridge Bay
Keith Peterson, the incumbent, won this seat by acclamation.

Hudson Bay
Allan Rumbolt: 152
Johnny Manning: 121
Bill Fraser: 65
Turnout: 81.6%

Iqaluit Centre
Hunter Tootoo: 356
Madeleine Redfern: 160
Joe Sageaktook: 57
Turnout: 69.7%

Iqaluit East
Eva Aariak: 439
Glenn Williams: 221
Kakki Peter: 39
Turnout: 73.2%

Iqaluit West
Paul Okalik: 340
Elisapee Sheutiapik: 296
Turnout: 90.2%

Peter Taptuna: 264
Donald Havioyak: 178
Turnout: 68.2%

Johnny Ningeongan: 214
Patterk Netser: 182
Harry Tootoo: 63
Turnout: 86.3%

Enuk Pauloosie: 229
Jeannie Kanayuk Ugyuk: 197
Louie Kamookak: 192
Paul Ikuallaq: 45

Adamee Komoartok: 245
Looee Arreak: 147
Turnout: 54.7%

South Baffin
A by-election to fill this seat will be held Nov. 3. The candidates are: Zeke Ejesiak, Joannie Ikkidluak, Adamie Nuna and Fred Schell.

Ron Elliot: 183
Levi Barnabas: 174
Turnout: 63.8%

Rankin Inlet North
Tagak Curley, the incumbent, won this seat by acclamation.

Rankin Inlet South/Whale Cove
Lorne Kusugak: 329
Levinia Brown: 203
Turnout: 63.9%

James Arvaluk: 239
Simon Merkosak: 171
Elizirie Peterloosie: 68
Turnout: 70.8%

James Arreak: 218
Loasie Audlakiak: 212
Igah Hainu: 110
(A recount is pending in this constituency.)
Turnout: 84.9%

For more detailed information in English, Inuktitut and French, go to www.elections.nu.ca.

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