2 food studies in Nunavut receive federal funding

CanNor grants $108,000 to Pangnirtung Fisheries, Cambridge Bay greenhouse

Pangnirtung Fisheries Ltd., along with the Hamlet of Cambridge Bay, will receive a combined $108,000 from CanNor. (File photo courtesy of Chris Flanagan)

By Nunatsiaq News

Two projects in Pangnirtung and Cambridge Bay have received $108,000 from CanNor to improve the ability of northerners to grow, harvest and buy food.

Pangnirtung Fisheries Ltd. and the Hamlet of Cambridge Bay will each receive the funding, federal Northern Affairs Minister Daniel Vandal announced Thursday.

Pangnirtung Fisheries has been commissioned to explore the potential costs of replacing old machinery with upgraded equipment and facilities.

“The processing facility is aging and upgrades are required to maintain a successful operation,” said Jon Johannsson, general manager of Pangnirtung Fisheries Ltd.

The fishery employs more than 180 people annually, but Johannsson said the business plans to increase that to 200 people annually within the next two to three years.

CanNor is contributing $58,975 to the year-long project, while Pangnirtung Fisheries Ltd. is matching that amount.

The total cost of the project is $117,950.

“With the assistance provided, we are on target to complete a comprehensive upgrade plan to see greater plant capacity, including value-added products as an additional stream of employment opportunities for local Inuit,” Johannsson said.

The Hamlet of Cambridge Bay will receive $50,000 from CanNor’s Northern Isolated Communities Initiative to study the feasibility of a year-round greenhouse.

The study will assess the cost of building, operating and maintaining the facility. The hamlet will contribute $12,500.

“This will help people in need of more fresh foods and help assist in the high cost of living in Inuit Nunangat,” said interim Mayor Derek Elias.

“This will also teach people about the importance of growing your own food, especially for school age students through their studies.”


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  1. Posted by Tooma on

    It’s Inuit culture. They should allow graduates to choose to stay when we can fish everywhere in Canada.

  2. Posted by YCO on

    Hope they get good workers for the green house the one in kug shut down for ever cause no workers


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