Two NTEP students honoured with Jose Amaujaq Kusugak Memorial Scholarships

“It ensures that Inuit will continue to carry on his passion for Inuktitut and education”


Emily Joanasie of Iqaluit and Monica Kiguktak of Grise Fiord will receive the 2011 Jose Amaujaq Kusugak Memorial Scholarships, worth $5,000, Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. president Cathy Towtongie announced July 27.

Joanasie and Kigutak are both students in the Nunavut Teacher Education Program at Nunavut Arctic College.

“It gives me great pleasure as president of NTI to award these two hard-working students with the financial resources to assist them in pursuing their studies to become teachers in Nunavut,” Towtongie said in the NTI news release. “I am certain that Jose would be honoured that two such capable Inuit students are carrying on his dedication to the promotion and preservation of Inuit language and culture.”

NTI received a total of 21 applications for the scholarship awards.

A jury composed of NTI employees and Jose’s son Pujjuut reviewed the applications and chose to award the scholarships to Joanasie and Kiguktak because “both students best demonstrated how they planned to continue the work Jose began so many years ago,” the news release said.

Towtongie said the jury had “a very difficult time” making the selection due to the quality of the applications.

“Our family would like to thank NTI for honouring my father, Jose, with this scholarship. It ensures that Inuit will continue to carry on his passion for Inuktitut and education. We must thank the applicants for their hard work in writing and displaying how they were influenced by Jose. It was very difficult to select the recipients and as a family, we congratulate Emily and Monica for a great job. Thank you and best of luck in continuing your education. I am sure my father would be very proud of your passion and commitment to Inuktitut and education,” said Pujjuut Kusugak, speaking on behalf of the Kusugak family.

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