Nunavik’s regional government in “sound” financial shape: treasurer

Kativik Regional Government produces $7 million surplus, 52 per cent Inuit workforce


KANGIRSUK — The Kativik Regional Government’s finances are in good shape, KRG treasurer Ghislaine Turcot told regional councillors in Kangirsuk this week.

The regional government’s budget stands at $276.7 million, Turcot said.

That figure does not include educational, health or justice services in Nunavik, which are handled by the Kativik School Board, the Nunavik regional health board and the Quebec government.

Within the KRG’s budget, general operations account for $182 million, investments in capital projects account for $67.3 million, and the employment and training department accounts for $17.3 million.

The KRG’s finances are in such good shape that the organization has generated a surplus of about $7 million, Turcot said.

Some of this money has been set aside in a reserve fund.

Municipalities will also benefit from this surplus: each community in Nunavik will receive yearly amount of $10,000 to help operate their new public transit systems.

Turcot said it’s important for the KRG to maintain a balanced budget as the provincial and federal governments continue to cut backs on programs.

According to these statistics tabled May 30 at the KRG meeting, the KRG is also holding its own with respect to Inuit employment:

• Of the KRG’s total workforce of 395 employees in Nunavik, 52 per cent, or 204 are Inuit, and 191 are non-Inuit;

• Of the KRG’s 201 administrative workers, 64 per cent are Inuit and 36 per cent are non-Inuit;

• Of KRG transportation department’s 57 employees, 87 per cent are Inuit and 16 per cent are non-Inuit; and,

• Of the KRG’s 63 managers, 33 per cent are Inuit and 67 per cent are non-Inuit.

The KRG department with the lowest percentage of Inuit employees remains the Kativik Regional Police Force.

Of its 74 employees only nine per cent are Inuit, while 91 per cent are non-Inuit,

“That’s where we have a big challenge,” said Joe Lance, the KRG’s assistant director general.

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