Bring back the CAP: NDP

New Democrats say remote communities need the recently-cut Community Access Program


Romeo Saganash, the MP for Nunavik, and a member of the New Democratic Party, says the Conservatives should reverse their decision to eliminate the Community Access Program, which provides free access to broadband Internet for low-income Canadians living in remote areas, including many communities in Nunavut.

“The elimination of the CAP is all the more absurd as it comes as the Conservatives call for unemployed Canadians to use the internet to receive their benefits and find work,” Saganash said in an April 23 news release.

“This is the second time that this Conservative government is trying to eliminate the CAP although Canadians have come to its defense,” said Guy Caron, the NDP industry critic. “Across the country, New Democrats know communities need the services offered by the CAP and want the Conservative government to reinstate the $2 million [cut] so libraries, community centers and schools stay connected.”

“Statistics Canada research shows that nearly half of Canadians earning $ 30,000 or less per year did not have Internet access at home. The CAP is useful to find work, get ready for school or communicate with [others in] the community,” Saganash said.

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