Hanson firm gives boost to IBC’s Iqaluit project

“Our kids grew up watching Takuginai”


An computer generated sketch of IBC’s proposed new media arts centre. (FILE PHOTO)

An computer generated sketch of IBC’s proposed new media arts centre. (FILE PHOTO)

Nunavut’s new media arts centre has received more community support: Iqaluit’s R.L. Hanson Construction Ltd. has offered to haul freight for the Inuit Broadcasting Corp.’s project.

R.L. Hanson Construction Ltd., an Inuit-owned and Iqaluit-based company, will haul freight from the sealift dock to IBC’s Federal Road building site at no cost, the IBC announced in a Sept. 26 news release.

“We believe in the project and we’re ready to contribute,” said the company’s president Bob Hanson. “Our kids grew up watching Takuginai. Inuit broadcasting is part of our family, and it’s part of our culture.”

The IBC has completed the structure’s design and a thermosyphon foundation has been installed at the future site – a heating system that circulates liquid without a mechanical pump.

The centre’s 8,000-square-foot building, scheduled to be completed in 2013, will house the Inuit film and video archive, a facility where all of IBC’s old tapes can be preserved, catalogued, digitized and stored safely.

It will also provide office space and post-production facilities for IBC’s subsidiary, Inuit Communications Systems Ltd., which does contract work with government agencies, businesses, designated Inuit organizations, community organizations, social service agencies, and other non-profit groups and private broadcasters from across Nunavut and the rest of Canada.

Over the past months, the IBC has also received donations from Nunavut’s regional Inuit associations, CanNor and the Government of Nunavut’s economic development department.

IBC chair Madeleine d’Argencourt said the media arts centre project is built on a strong foundation of community support.

“Cultural industries are one of the pillars identified in the Nunavut Economic Development Plan,” d’Argencourt said. “When public spirited businessmen like Bob Hanson step forward to support us, it’s because they recognize the benefits of a project like this are real.”

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