Inuktitut teaching in schools a waste of money?


For many years, my kids were learning Inuktitut at school, but all it seems they have learned is how to draw igloos and colour inuksuks.

I learned my language from my parents, always the best way.

A few weeks ago an Inuktitut teacher said to me “Why don’t you speak Inuktitut to your kids?”

I said to him, “You have been teaching Inuktitut for 25 years and getting well paid for it!”

He said, “I’ve got kids.”

I said, “But you’re paid to teach Inuktitut and failing to do so.”

The current way of teaching Inuktitut is absolute BS. We have all kinds of highly paid teachers and politicians who are supposed to be protecting our language and it is not working at all. They are too busy going to meetings and looking out for their own pay cheques. 

Don’t blame me for this and don’t blame the kabloonaks. The government pays millions of dollars a year towards the teaching of Inuktitut!

You have to blame the people involved in teaching Inuktitut. I think it would be a lot better to teach Inuktitut at home instead of teaching it in the schools.

(Name withheld by request)
Gjoa Haven

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