Iqaluit reader fed up with cold weather service stoppages

“Never did the city come to a screeching halt just because of temperature”


An Iqaluit reader doesn't like the City of Iqaluit's policy of discontinuing trucked service when the temperature falls below -50. (FILE PHOTO)

An Iqaluit reader doesn’t like the City of Iqaluit’s policy of discontinuing trucked service when the temperature falls below -50. (FILE PHOTO)

It would be interesting to know who is responsible for this new policy of discontinuing municipal services when the wind chill causes temperatures to drop below -50.

I have lived here almost 30 years and unless there was a severe blizzard, services were never stopped.

Until Iqaluit became the capital, resulting in a building boom, over 50 per cent of Iqaluit was on trucked service. Never did the city come to a screeching halt just because of temperature.

Flights do not stop and ground crews are expected to do their job, regardless of the external conditions.

If there are issues with power or phones, crews from both of these organizations are expected to fix the problem.

What about breaks in the utilidor lines? The City doesn’t postpone making repairs because of the external conditions.

To add insult to injury, people on trucked service are accused of not conserving water or being faulted for purchasing homes where there is only trucked service.

If anyone knows how to conserve water it is those on trucked service.

When a blizzard is expected to arrive, people on trucked service automatically begin to reduce their consumption by refraining from doing laundry, flushing toilets, taking showers or baths and running dishwashers.

When’s the last time someone on utilidor practised water conservation?

As far as being foolish enough to purchase a home on trucked service, may I remind you that most of Iqaluit was on trucked service less than 10 years ago.

To suggest selling a home that is mortgage-free and moving to a part of the city with utilidor is plain foolishness.

Given the inconsistency I’ve seen over the past three months, by the city, regarding this temperature policy it seems there’s more to this than meets the eye.

I think it’s high time the City explain the real reason for this sudden change in policy and the inconsistency in enforcing it.

Why are municipal services not always reinstated when temperatures are no longer below -50?

Is this treated like a blizzard day when employees are paid for their shift regardless and what are the employees doing during this time?

There may be additional questions that other residents may have.

Homeowners and taxpayers on trucked service are entitled to the same access to water!

(Name withheld by request)

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