Mad Mom’s concerned about leadership

“Leaders were able to speak up, take stands and help people to understand complex issues”


What qualities should a real leader possess?

What qualities should a real leader possess?

Mad Mom here. What am I concerned about this time you ask?

It’s about leadership and these elections coming up Oct. 30.

In the old days, leaders were proclaimed by others. They were seen as strong, consistent, decisive people who could make decisions for the benefit of all.

Leaders never called themselves that. Instead, they were humble, in the eyes of everyone else, who recognized their ability.

Leaders were not afraid to keep the peace, insist on solidarity and unity and work out solutions to problems.

Leaders were not shy to bring up tough subjects, to say what had to be said and to tell people what they needed to know, not what they wanted to hear.

Leaders were seen as being fair, respectful of all people and willing to work with others to make situations better.

Leaders showed, by how they lived their lives, that they were courageous, resilient and wise.

Leaders were able to speak up, take stands and help people to understand complex issues, even back then.

A leader knows the people among them; they know who is suffering, who is grieving, who is hungry, who has dysfunction within their family and they strive to support those who are weaker, poorer or down.

They are unafraid to lead; they have a deep sense of what direction would be the best, how to achieve a goal, what has to be thought through first and what plan will benefit the most people.

We need leaders like this, working together to make things a lot better for others.

Leaders lead.

Mad Mom

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