Mad Mom’s mad at human trafficking

“They are someone’s namesake, someone’s child, cousin, sister”


Mad Mom here. What am I mad about, you wonder?

It’s about all those folks who put down the report from that consultant on the human trafficking of our girls and women.

Reactions have been pretty amazing from those who disbelieve it, with our MP, Leona Aglukkaq, jumping into the soup again, putting down the author.

I don’t rightly know what cloud people have been living on if they haven’t noticed the huge problem that it is.

Many of our girls and women have met some southern low-life up here and, looking for a better life, have followed him back down south.

These guys, while up here, look great to someone without hope, love or money. Only when she gets down south does she realize he is at the bottom of the pile in his own culture and it’s too late. He pressures her, threatens her or just pushes her out to sell herself for cash, so he doesn’t have to work.

So many girls and women have long, sad stories to tell and thank goodness they are telling them.

What do we do though? We shoot the messenger who took the time to tell us!

By doing that, we are hurting these girls. We are sending a very negative message to them that they are not to be believed, or are not to be cared about. All wrong.

We cannot think that just because they went down there that they should just be left like that. They are someone’s namesake, someone’s child, cousin, sister.

Why not extend a hand to these abused girls, bring them home, help them find safety, get involved and care about them?

They have told their painful stories to two very concerned women, whom I am grateful took the time to document it and who came to Nunavut before they issued the report and tried to wake us up about it.

They deserve our thanks. Too bad our MP always shoots down anyone who speak truth. Let’s not follow her example, let’s reach out.

This goes on too, in the North. Young girls hanging around where they shouldn’t be, looking for attention, a place to stay for the night, some money, some weird kind of connection, something to drink.

Do we just pass them by and not wonder who will also be exploiting them?

Mad Mom

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