My Little Corner of Canada: IC!


by John Amagoalik

Ring. Riing.

Good morning. GNWT. How may I help you?

Good morning. My name is Ima Goalie. I’m a reporter from the Toronto Mop and Pail. I’m doing a story on Nunavut and I was wondering who I should talk to.

You should call the NIC.

The NIC. Will they be able to tell me about the land claims agreement?

You better talk to NTI about that.

What about the effect of the agreement on the different regions of Nunavut?

You should talk to the QIA, the KIA, and the KIA.

Did you say the QIA, the KIA and the KIA?


Which is which?

The QIA is in IQ, the KIA is in RI and the other KIA is in CB.

I also want to find out more about wildlife management.

Call the NWMB.

The NWMB. Who do I talk to about education and training?

You can call the HRDC at the NIC or the NITC and you should also talk to BDBE or the KDBE depending on which region and whether or not its a government or private program.

What about Inuit culture? Who can I call?

You can call the ICI in Rankin or the QCI in Igloolik.

What about the media in Nunavut?

Phone the CBC, the IBC, TVNC, and the NN.

Who do I talk to about social issues?

I would recommend you talk to the SDC. NTI will provide you with a name.

What about national Inuit concerns?

Call ITC.

International matters?


Does the GNWT do anything?

We keep an updated list of what all these acronyms stand for.

I see.

IC? Don’t know that one.

Oh, never mind. Thanks anyway. Bye.

Have a nice day.

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