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My Little Corner of Canada: Jonah Kelly



In a world of constant change and countless faces who are famous for 15 minutes, reliability and a familiar voice which endures gives us comfort.

For more than four decades of broadcasting, Jonah Kelly has been the voice of endurance and reliable as the rising sun.

Jonah has experienced short wave to satellites and all the stuff in between.

He has played Ernest Tubb on 78’s all the way to Tudjaat on CD’s. He has observed colonialism to the dawning of Nunavut.

He has covered royalty and prime ministers and treated school janitors with the same respect.

He has interviewed the wise and the foolish.

His good humor and respect for all has never changed.

Hockey Night in Canada has Bob Cole. CBC South has Peter Gzowski, CBC North had Jonah Kelly. This little corner wishes him a fulfilling retirement.

Imosee Amagoalik

Imosee Amagoalik (no relation to yours truly) was like an older brother.

We grew up together in the bad old days of Resolute Bay.

He lived through the turmoil of the early days in Resolute to the healing of recent years.

When our tribe from Nunavik first came in contact with the north Baffin tribe in 1953, there was suspicion and mistrust between the two. It was up to us children to break the ice and allay the fears.

Like children everywhere, we became friends quickly and through us, our parents began to understand and trust each other.

Imosee was a tough hunter. He could endure the worst the High Arctic could throw at him. The High Arctic was his backyard. He guided a lot of fools to the North Pole and brought them back.

Like many Inuit who did such things, he did not get due recognition.

Imosee lived a tough life. But he was always ready to smile and laugh about it.

We, the High Arctic Exiles from Nunavik, will always have a special spot in our hearts for him. We loved him like a brother.

This corner quotes

“He has an intangible human quality that translates into a tangible “somebody-ness,” a presence that any listener can personally relate to, and feel familiar and entirely feel comfortable with.

Jonah’s genuine “good-person-ness” always shines through. Nobody else will ever fill his kamiks in northern broadcasting.”

Zebedee Nungak, on Jonah Kelly

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