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Where is Peace?


Where is the peace movement? Where are the flower children who told the world to make love, not war? Where are the hippies with their peace signs and symbols? Where is Greenpeace?

Back in the 1960s, when the peace movement was strong, ordinary people got involved to try and make this a better world. There was optimism in the air.

The music of those times reflected our strong desire to have peace, love and to stop the fighting. People actually believed that hatred and war could be defeated.

The young people of those times are now grandparents and retired from active work. The younger generations have not kept the peace movement alive and active.

Somewhere along the way, Greenpeace lost its purpose. It became a radical environmental movement in the 1970s and 1980s and lost a lot of its creditability and popular support. It is now making efforts to regain the influence it used to have.

There is no longer a worldwide peace movement that people are willing to join and support. Peace activists are scattered and isolated from each other.

Terrorists and warmongers spread fear, anger, and misery. Racial hatred, ignorance, and brutality are once again rearing their ugly heads.

We are not living in a peaceful world. Race riots have returned to the United States.

Vladimir Putin wants Russia to return to the dark days of dictatorship. Jihadists threaten to spread war to the four corners of the world. There is no peace in the Middle East. Nations are spending countless billions of dollars to build instruments of war.

Humankind is facing environmental and economic collapse. We need to turn our efforts to prevent this from happening. But, we are too busy hating and fighting each other.

Ordinary people are growing tired of all this stupidity. Where is a good peace movement when you need one?

This Corner Quotes

“Quviana, quviana
Tamani, tamani
Inuit nunaluani.”

— William Tagoona

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