Nunavut woman’s fits of jealousy lead to jail time

Nipisa Shaa threatened, assaulted women in Cape Dorset for five months


Nunavut's Court of Justice in Iqaluit. (FILE PHOTO)

Nunavut’s Court of Justice in Iqaluit. (FILE PHOTO)

A Cape Dorset woman will head to jail for a month after a five-month campaign of death threats and violence, fueled by jealousy of women she believed had become her ex-boyfriend’s new lovers.

Nipisa Shaa, 25, pleaded guilty to 11 counts at the Nunavut Court of Justice in Iqaluit April 17 — most of them assault charges and failing to comply with an undertaking.

In her interpretation of the facts, Justice Bonnie Tulloch said Shaa once declared she was “going to shoot the cop in the head” while detained in police custody after one of her violent outbreaks and subsequent arrests.

It all started in October 2013 when she told someone in Cape Dorset that she planned to kill a woman because of connections with her ex-boyfriend, a threat she was eventually arrested for.

In November, Shaa saw a different woman whom she suspected of being involved with the same ex-boyfriend, punched her in the face with a closed fist, and was arrested shortly afterwards.

Throughout January and February, Shaa harassed the same woman at the woman’s workplace, the Cape Dorset co-op.

Shaa caused disturbances at the store twice, including one incident when she threw meat at the victim.

On another occasion, Shaa threw a six-inch rock at the woman when she saw her walking down the street.

As a result of each incident, Shaa was arrested and released after signing an undertaking preventing contact with the woman.

But in March, Shaa assaulted the woman again, this time while the victim walked down the street carrying a toddler on her shoulders.

Tulloch said Shaa approached the woman from behind and punched her in the face. The woman suffered a cut to her nose, bite marks on her hands and broken glasses.

The two-year-old did not suffer any injuries.

Police arrested Shaa after that incident and kept her in custody for over a month.

“In this case, things went from bad to worse,” Tulloch said.

As the judge went over the facts of the case, the woman, wearing pajama bottoms and a sweater to court, began crying loudly.

Tulloch said Shaa has two children, aged 18 months and seven, and that social services are now “involved.”

As Tulloch sentenced her to another month in custody, Shaa threw her translation device to the ground and continued wailing, drowning out the judge’s comments.

Shaa will serve 18 months on probation following her jail time and one of the conditions is that she have no contact with any of the victims.

She directed Shaa to take counselling and imposed the mandatory victim fine surcharge of $100 per offence, giving her three years to pay the $1,100.

After Tulloch mentioned the fine, Shaa started hyperventilating and continued wailing even as police escorted her out of the courtroom.

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