Report suggests improvements for Nunavut’s next bowhead whale hunt


The next bowhead hunt planning committee will have the benefit of a report prepared for the Nunavut Wildlife Management Board.

The Bowhead Whale Hunt Review contains 18 recommendations for ensure that problems with last year’s hunt don’t happen again.

Here are some highlights:

Hunt planning should be initiated with the support of the community closest to the hunt and take into consideration the knowledge of elders and those with bowhead experience.

Planning should ensure hunters and the community respect important traditions.

Detailed plans for butchering, distributing and processing the whale must be made well in advance.

More attention needs to be given to the harvesting method, particularly the advantages of darting guns and shoulder guns over rifles.

Traditional techniques employed to reduce sinking losses need to be examined.

Greater cooperation between hunters and researchers attached to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans is desirable.

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