Watch that dial pad: Northwestel introduces “974” to Iqaluit

New prefix to be introduced starting Oct. 1


Telephone users in Iqaluit will start seeing a new local phone number prefix soon, as Northwestel responds to growing demand for new business, residential and cell phone numbers.

The new prefix is 974.

Northwestel will start issuing 974 numbers for new lines after Oct. 1, the company said Sept. 30 in a news release.

Iqaluit already uses three prefixes — 979, 975 and 222 — but the company says it must use a fourth prefix to ensure it’s stock of available numbers is not depleted.

“There is strong growth in telecommunications needs everywhere, including more demand for residential, business and cellular numbers,” the company’s CEO, Paul Flaherty, said in the news release.

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