What’s going on with all the crimes and bullying?


I can’t get over how much crime, with murders and shooting, there are here now in Nunavut.

I actually think I can answer why this is happening so much now. It’s because the courts are not punishing people who are committing the crimes, especially murders.

Good examples are people getting slaps on hands and house arrest or getting sent away to a small community for only a year and released.

I am so disappointed in our people because they are shooting other human beings instead of going hunting. Maybe because we haven’t had caribou in Iqaluit for so long people are choosing to shoot humans instead.

Maybe the courts have to get more tough and don’t just give slaps on the hand to the cowards. Instead send them to jail for at least five to 10 years so they will pay for their crime.

I know of someone who got two months house arrest for punching her boyfriend and there are murderers walking around Iqaluit laughing because they got away with murder. The court system sucks in the North. Even when you try to get a peace bond on a violent person, the courts laugh at you and say, “you two both are just like chickens fighting.”

I heard that from a person who works for justice this year and I was just shocked.

I am sure there will be a lot of negative responses to this, but who cares, as there are so many mean people here in Iqaluit who are so miserable. If you want to see less crime and murders within Nunavut, our justice system needs to get tougher and stronger.

Why aren’t us Inuit treated like people in the rest of Canada? I came back a year ago to my home town and I keep on saying things will get better.

I advise people who are getting bullied by other girls to stay tough and just charge them if they fight you or bully you, because no one deserves to be picked on because they are better looking or have a head on their shoulders.

Pauline Alainga

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