Airline competition brings benefits


I wish to comment about all the recent talk about Air Canada Jazz and the remarks made by our South Baffin MLA, Fred Schell. Fred Schell made comments in the legislature opposing the upcoming competition provided by the Air Canada service to Iqaluit.

I must disagree with Mr. Schell for the following reasons.

We all know that the two northern air lines — First Air and Canadian North — have benefitted financially and benefited the people and other businesses across the North for a lot of reasons.

Both airlines have made significant profits in the past and I believe they can continue to do so with the third competitor. First Air was even able to pay very generous bonuses in the past.

However, I must say that any new competitor is welcome news as long as they follow all the regulations.

I should also mention that without competition things can be expensive. Right now, First Air tickets are the only ones available between Iqaluit to Kimmirut and the highest ticket fare you can pay is $339 plus fees & taxes for a 30-minute flight. Is it ludicrous?

All 17 seats are the same on the Twin Otter fleet, but the fares are different – there are no first class seats. I also think it would be more appropriate and sense to have fixed fares, especially for the smaller fleets.

Unfortunately, Kimmirut can only be serviced with smaller fleets due to a short runway but maybe other Airlines can purchase new fleets and Kimmirut can see competition, as it is quite hard financially for the ordinary people to fly out.

Kolola Pitsiulak

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