Little’s Iqaluit council bribe beef goes nowhere

RCMP: not enough evidence to justify a charge


An RCMP investigation into an alleged attempt to bribe an Iqaluit city councillor has reached a dead end.

The Mounties announced last week they don’t have enough evidence to press charges in connection with a complaint lodged by former Iqaluit city councillor Jim Little.

Little filed the complaint in September, 2009, after another councillor told a closed meeting of council he’d been approached with a bribe in relation to the construction of Iqaluit’s new medical boarding home.

That councillor’s name was never revealed.

But Little, who said no money ever changed hands, took the matter to police over the objections of Mayor Elisapee Sheutiapik, who wanted the in camera proceedings to remain secret.

Little’s police complaint, she said at the time, robbed council of the chance to do its own investigation.

Sheutiapik defeated Little for the mayor’s job in last October’s municipal election.

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