Is the GN lying about social promotion?


It’s Mad Mom again. This time it’s about this crazy “social passing” process that the Nunavut Department of Education keeps denying they use.

Even at federal meetings they say no, they do not do that.

But everyone knows the opposite is true. Nowhere else in Canada does a kid get put in a grade by his size or age. Nowhere.

Why do all these misleading and devious bureaucrats think that keeping a kid in a grade until he or she actually passes it might damage their self-esteem? That is ridiculous.

Do you think that the same kid doesn’t know already, when he is in the wrong grade, sitting beside kids who know what they are doing and knows that he is in a losing situation? This will hurt him far more.

What are we doing by destroying any sense of accomplishment, success and mastery? Are we doing anybody a favour?

Teachers all tell the truth — that they are forced to keep passing a child along whether the kid can write or read or count.

They know its wrong, totally unethical and destructive. How come the Department of Education can’t figure that out? They are handicapping Nunavut’s future.

Everyone else can see the problem and agree kids have to be held to a real education standard, in a real system, for real results.

To the people who think this is not your issue — you are very affected. Your child sits next to the child who cannot read, count or spell. Your child’s teacher must therefore teach to the lowest common denominator, which does not let your child get a good enough education either.

I support the Iqaluit District Education Authority’s deep concern about this. Good.

Fight on all our behalf, for the bright kids and the poorly performing kids too, to get the true education they all deserve.

Education Minister Hunter Tootoo, principals, parents, MLAs – do something!

Stop the loss of future minds that did not develop because they never had to. Make a real school system that lets the kids go forward once they have learned what they need to, not because of how old or how big they are. Do it now, because enough time has been wasted.

Please withold my name, by request, these bureaucrats are easily threatened, vengeful and very reactionary and so are their spin doctors.

(Name withheld by request)

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