Quebec health commission wants Nunavik rep

Forum to recommend on health policy


A Quebec-wide forum on health and social services is looking for a Nunavik representative to participate in a discussion on major issues affecting their region.

The second Commission à la santé et au bien-être (health and welfare commission) is composed of 18 representatives from different regions of the province along with nine health experts.

The commission’s mandate is to provide regional perspectives to public debate and government policy.

The forum’s conclusions will be included in a number of reports to be made public and also submitted to the minister of health and social services.

Some of the reports may be tabled before the National Assembly.

Dates and locations for the forum meetings have yet to be announced.

“To form our second consultation…we need a large number of candidates interested in debating issues related to health and welfare,” said commissioner Robert Salois in a release.

“The unique public viewpoint provided by members of the consultation forum informs our reflection and has an impact on our recommendations.”

Interested candidates have until Feb. 18 to submit their applications. Visit for more information.

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