Salluit hit-and-run accused denied bail

Man faces range of driving, drinking offences


A Salluit man accused in a November hit and run that left a young boy dead was refused bail at Jan. 20 court appearance.

Twenty-five-year-old Steven Yuliusie faces a number of charges, including impaired driving, leaving the scene of an accident and intent to mislead a police investigation.

Some of the charges stem from a Nov. 29 incident when Yuliusie’s truck is alleged to have struck and instantly killed six-year-old Thomasie Yuliusie, who was sliding down a hilly section of road with a number of other children.

Yuliusie fled the scene.

The morning after, Yuliusie drove to the police station to turn himself in.

He was charged with leaving the scene of an accident, driving with a restricted license and intent to mislead a police investigation — all in relation to the accident the evening before.

But Yuliusie was also charged with impaired driving and breaching of conditions not to consume alcohol, not to drive a motor vehicle and to keep the peace — presumably from his drive to the police station that morning.

Yuliusie has been detained in Amos ever since.

Yuliusie was allegedly returning from picking up a shipment of alcohol at the Salluit airport at the time of the Nov. 29 accident, but police say they have no proof he was drinking at the time he struck the young boy.

Yuliusie appeared in Salluit court Jan. 20 in handcuffs and shackles, with his head held down.

The man’s family offered to pay $2,000 bail for his release, which Quebec Superior Court judge Claude Bigué refused.

Yuliusie also faces previous charges of impaired driving, street racing and assault.

Paul Maggiolo, the foster father of the young victim, told the court Jan. 20 that Thomasie was an exceptionally bright young boy who loved to sing.

Maggiolo said Thomasie’s entire family has been traumatized by his death, including Maggiolo’s older foster son, who witnessed the accident.

“Two families have been destroyed,” he said. “There is too much drinking and driving in Salluit, it’s just a matter of time until it happens again.”

Yuliusie is scheduled to appear in court again March 17.

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