An open letter to Kugluktuk MLA Peter Taptuna


I have had several knee operations, to the point that the doctors cannot do anything more but wait until I am older before I am given two knee transplants. I was informed that knee transplants have a shelf-life of 15 years at best.

I no longer have any cartilage in either knee and I am left walking bone-on-bone.

My reconstructed ligaments in both knees are basically useless with no more suitable attachment points. Arthritis has set in and is taking bone matter from my knee joints.

Recently, I was sent to Yellowknife so that I could be fitted with a knee brace to provide stability to my knee and alleviate some of the pain that is with me constantly.

This trip was arranged and paid for by the Government of Nunavut’s Health and Social Services department, based on their own doctor’s recommendation.

Now someone from the health department, who is not a doctor, has refused to pay for my knee brace.

I would like you, the premier, and the minister of Health and Social Services to grow a pair, so you three can stand up against your bureaucrats, do your duties as MLAs, and provide me with the names of the people who had a hand in denying me my required brace, as I will not suffer through this alone.

Robert Ayalik

Editor’s note: This letter was sent to a variety of GN officials, with a copy for publication in this newspaper.

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