A splash for a good cause

A participant is doused with water during the Bucket Brigade game in support of Inuksuk High School at the annual Rotary Fall Fair in Iqaluit on Saturday, Sept. 21. Children and their families packed the Arctic Winter Games Arena to line up for popcorn, cotton candy and carnival games. Proceeds from the event went to various causes. (Photo by Emma Tranter)

By Emma Tranter

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  1. Posted by Water Wasters on

    Ohhhh, careful. People that want to wash their cars in Iqaluit are gonna be upset about this one.

    • Posted by Water, water, neverwhere on

      No kidding! The city keeps going on about how we have a water shortage, and they go and waste water like this, drain the pool (and I presume fill with all new water), etc? Can we please get the water shortage fixed, before more gets wasted?

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