A bird? A plane? A UFO?


Calls streamed in to local police stations in Norway Monday night after an unidentified flying object flew through the night skies in northern Norway.

Several police districts received calls from members of the public who observed “something” flying at high speed.

The main search and rescue station in northern Norway said calls also came from crews on board ships off the northern coast, according to Dagbladet.

“It was colored white, green and gold, and lights seemed to blow off it like it was a sparkler,” said one observer, Andre Grønmo. “It looked like it was a comet, and it was around four- to five times larger than a plane, and it flew much faster.”

One of Norway’s most well-known astronomers said he thinks the UFO was actually another meteorite, a large rock containing a lot of chemical elements.

There have been confirmed reports of at least two meteorites hitting Norway since June.

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