Air Inuit appoints Salluit businessman to executive role

Noah Tayara has been on airline’s board of directors since 2017

Makivik Corp. has created a new executive role to help manage Air Inuit, one of its subsidiary companies. (File photo)

By Nunatsiaq News

Noah Tayara was named as executive chairman of Air Inuit last week, a role he stepped into Aug. 3. (Photo courtesy of Makivik Corp.)

Makivik Corp. has created a new executive role to help manage Air Inuit, one of its subsidiary companies.

Noah Tayara was named executive chairperson of the airline last week, a role he stepped into Aug. 3.

The Salluit-based businessman had previously served as chairperson of Air Inuit’s board of directors since 2017.

The airline didn’t indicate what responsibilities come with Tayara’s new role, but Makivik president Pita Aatami said it was important to have an Inuk serving in a senior managerial position at the Nunavik-based airline.

“Noah’s knowledge of our subsidiaries and more specifically of Air Inuit is a big asset and makes him a great fit for this position,” Aatami said in an Aug. 3 release.

“After being Air Inuit’s president and CEO for many years, I see the need to have an Inuk in an executive position within the airline who is not only familiar with the airline industry, but who Nunavimmiut can approach and communicate with.”

Tayara has sat on Air Inuit’s board of directors since 2009, and previously served on Makivik’s board of directors from 2005 to 2017.

Air Inuit already underwent a major management change earlier this year when its previous president and CEO Aatami resigned from his job to run for president of Makivik Corp., a role he was elected to last January.

Christian Busch, the longtime vice-president and chief operating officer at the Nunavik airline, was appointed as president and CEO last April.

“I’m pleased to work with Noah to pursue Nunavik’s airline success,” Busch said in the release.

Air Inuit counts of fleet of 24 aircraft and serves all 14 of Nunavik’s communities.

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(10) Comments:

  1. Posted by MUSICAL CHAIR on

    I love , the way our nothern politicans (a lot of former) go around and around.

  2. Posted by Ron Ralph on

    Congratulations Noah on your appointment. We met a few years back having a space contact in your community.

    Ron Ralph

  3. Posted by No Skills on

    It’s incredible how blatant the Inuit boys club can be.

    • Posted by Welcome to Nu on

      Welcome to Nunavut. Most or all of our politicians have been men. Living the olden ways. Men being the “boss” of the house. It’s 2021 we’re all equals now. We need change. Am glad Quassa resigned. Now to get rid of Patterk and who else?

      • Posted by Lack of education hurts us all on

        Above all we need leaders who are educated, be those men or women, though I agree we should strive for balance there too. Either way, the lack of education in our leadership shows and the ways in which it constrains our potential are obvious and should trouble us all.

  4. Posted by Annie on

    Does this position require French too? Air Inuit administration seem almost impossible to get a job with as an Inuk.

  5. Posted by Johnny Mameanskum on

    Congratulations 🎉, Noah. Salluit, then known as Sugluk was the first Inuit community that I visited during the JBNQA land claims negotiations.

  6. Posted by R U trying to confuse us? on

    What is the difference between chairperson of the b.o.d. & executive chairperson of the airline?

    And how much out of control is the company to be coming up with fancy positions? We never hear from their board. Aren’t they still the lowest paying jobs in the region, except for those in high places?

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