Air Inuit offering cheaper travel south for Inuit beneficiaries

To mark airline’s 45th anniversary it’s offering 4 discounted tickets per person

Air Inuit has announced reduced fares for Inuit beneficiaries of the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement travelling south as part of its 45th anniversary celebration. (File photo by Jean-Pierre Bonin)

By Cedric Gallant - Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Updated on Wednesday, Aug. 23, 2023 at 3:50 p.m.

Air Inuit says it will provide all Inuit beneficiaries of the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement who are travelling south access to four discounted tickets on its scheduled flights.

The price of the first three tickets is capped at $500 while the fourth ticket can be purchased at a 70 per cent discount, the airline announced in a news release.

The offer is being made available through a partnership between Makivvik Corp. and the Quebec government, according to the Air Inuit website.

The tickets can be used only to travel directly to and from Nunavik and Montreal or Quebec City, but not between communities. The price cap is valid for both Air Inuit and Canadian North flights.

Through the partnership, Air Inuit is also offering a 70 per cent discount on cargo rates for shipment of an all-terrain vehicle, snowmobile or outboard motor. However, this offer is only applicable on a shipment coming from the La Grande hub or another Nunavik community.

Kitikmeot Community Futures Inc., Job Opportunity – Executive Director

Air Inuit said it is offering the tickets as a way to help mark its 45th year of operations.

According to its website, the tickets are not transferable.

Correction: This article has been updated from a previous version to clarify the partnership involving Makivvik Corp., and the Quebec government that led to the discounts being offered.

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(22) Comments:

  1. Posted by Inuk from Nunavik on

    Can Makivik give me some spending money with that .

  2. Posted by Umingmak on

    Air Inuit should add Iqaluit flights. It wouldn’t be hard to compete with and beat Canadian North, given the insane prices they’re charging these days.

    • Posted by 867 on

      Air inuit is owned by makivvik Corp which owns 50% of Canadian north. Why would they compete against themselves?

      • Posted by Fake Competition on

        To give the illusion of competition to the government and public.

    • Posted by Northern Flyer on

      Air Inuit and Canadian North are both subsidiaries of Makivvik Corp. There isn’t an incentive to compete and “beat” Canadian North in Iqaluit since they’re both owned by the same corporation.

  3. Posted by lol on

    To mark a no doubt banner year for profits and greed, Canadian North can afford to fly Makivik beneficiaries at 70% off. This is what happens with a weak Transport Minister lifting restrictions: regular passengers are now subsidizing Makivik Inuit.

  4. Posted by Nunavutmiut on

    And why is Canadian north not doing the same?
    Just thinking of Calm Air, makes me sick thinking of their total rip off ticket and freight prices, as if there’s obstacles in the air space.

    • Posted by Name Withheld on

      Calm Air is 100% better than Canadian North!! You have unlimited beneficiary seat’s available to purchased and they are confirmed!! Illak fare are give 4 times a year and it’s based on if they have any illak fare available to sell you. Calm Air does not charge you a change fee incase you need to change the dates, its fully refundable as to Canadian North isn’t.

    • Posted by Everyone missed this. on

      Canadian North isn’t doing this because this is a Quebec government program that everyone forgot about. It was announced in 2022.

      “In recent years, ticket prices for regional air routes have been relatively high due to low demand and long distances. Governmental intervention is therefore necessary to reduce the cost of air travel and to make this mode of transportation more accessible for travel to certain regions of Québec.”

      “Participating airlines will offer discounted tickets ($500 round trip or $250 one way) for routes between Montréal, Saint-Hubert, and Québec City to targeted remote or isolated areas.”


  5. Posted by northerner on

    Good for them, Nunavut will never ever see any kind of discounts on Canadian North. LOL. CN main objective is to squeeze every single dollar from Nunavummiut.

      • Posted by Umingmak on

        This isn’t a case of “capitalism bad”. This is a case of a government-supported monopoly.

        • Posted by 867 on

          Everything is a monopoly here. There are barely any businesses in nunavut and everyone just expects the gov will fix this and fix that. Socialism is alive and well.

  6. Posted by Mesher on

    For the cost of regular fare you could fly halfway around the world out of any major centre/city that is, Remote region air travel is costly.

  7. Posted by Please fact check this on

    This article was shared on the Facebook group “Your Voice on Nunavik Issues” in which the Administrator of the group, who is also an employee of Makivik, stated in a comment that EVERY resident of Nunavik is entitled to subsidized airfare in and out of Nunavik for $500.00
    I hope this can be fact-checked and information shared to everyone in a future Nunatsiaq News article.

    • Posted by As If on

      Sure would be nice if it wasn’t race-based discriminatory treatment, but don’t count on it. He probably just doesn’t consider the non-inuit to be “residents”.

      • Posted by Bertolli on

        Nunatsiaq trying so hard to be an ally it hallucinates its own reality.

    • Posted by Never gonna happen on

      “residents of Nunavik” will never include non-beneficiaries, no matter how long they live here. They give up their families, loved ones, and their entire lives to come up here but they’ll never get any form of acceptance.

      • Posted by northerner on

        This is very true, the policy is racist. It should be worded that this will greatly benefit the rich Inuit beneficiaries as the ones living in public housing maybe too broke to take advantage of this.

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