Anawak vague on elders council


Tunnuniq MLA Jobie Nutarak asked Jack Anawak, the minister of culture, language, elders and youth, whether he had discussed the responsibilities of the legislative assembly’s proposed elders council during an elders conference in Igloolik recently.

Anawak was vague in his response, saying that he could only formulate a plan after cabinet had approved the matter.

However, in order for cabinet to approve it, the department must first come up with a plan for the structure and responsibilities of the council.

“We would ask them about Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit and we will structure what their terms and reference and mandate will be,” Anawak said. “Only after their terms of references, responsibilities and mandates are finalized, we will then start recruiting for names Nunavut-wide.”

Anawak has not been able to specify what role the elders council may serve — without using government jargon like “terms of reference.”

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