Appalled by doll


Being Inuk is very important to me. I was very upset when I saw the Inuit Legend Barbie.

I understand that Barbie has been proven to be effective in allowing children to explore society through play. However, I do not see how a blonde-haired, elegantly-gowned Barbie looks remotely like an Inuk. I understand that society is becoming divese and, rarely anyone belongs to one ethnic group; but if I didn’t know this was Inuit Legend Barbie, I’d just view it as another princess version of Barbie.

It’s not that I hate Barbie, it’s just that I feel if you are going to represent a group of people you better have some form of similarity to the individuals. At least this time Barbie didn’t portray Inuit as baby seal bashing people.

Tara Kalla

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