Nunavut reported 11 new cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday, Nov. 25. (File photo)

Arviat surpasses 100 COVID-19 cases as Nunavut adds 10

Territory stands at 142 active cases, Health Department says

By Nunatsiaq News

The hamlet of Arviat — Nunavut’s COVID-19 hot spot — has 107 positive cases after adding nine new cases, the territory’s Health Department reported today.

Nunavut added 10 new cases on Tuesday bringing the total of active cases to 142 across the territory, a Health Department news release states.

One more case was reported in Rankin Inlet, bringing that community’s total to 19.

The territory reported its first case on Nov. 6 in Sanikiluaq, but after that the caseload grew quickly with cases confirmed in Rankin Inlet, Arviat and Whale Cove.

Nunavut is nearing the halfway mark in a two-week government-imposed lockdown that took effect on Nov. 18 and is to remain in place until Dec. 2.

Chief public health officer Dr. Michael Patterson called on all Nunavummiut to continue their resolve to follow public health measures.

“As we head into our second week of increased restrictions in the territory, every single one of us needs to stay committed and dedicated to slowing and stopping the spread of this virus in our communities,” Patterson said in Tuesday’s news release.

Across Canada, more than 337,000 cases have been reported since March when the pandemic began. More than 11,500 people have died. No deaths have been reported in Nunavut and two people are considered recovered.

In March, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. In Nunavut, Nunavik and across the country, public health officials have encouraged physical distancing, hand-washing and wearing masks in public places as measures people should take to prevent the spread of the disease.

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(9) Comments:

  1. Posted by Numbers on

    First case announced over a week ago…not even 14 days for those who initially came into contact with said first case. Where was this person in the community? Before being tested? It’s a heavily populated town, you can’t help but become into contact with someone prior to the restrictions that were put forth. We were living life just as any other day. Thankfully the Hamlet grabbed the bull by the horns when they did instead of waiting for CPHO approval and shut the town down themselves, otherwise there would have been hundreds of more cases. These numbers will increase as we approach the 14 days, hopefully after the 14 days they will dwindle. People here are abiding by the rules put forth by the Hamlet and GN, the town is literally a ghost town…even through the day. I’m proud of everyone here. It’s hard, being stuck inside, not visiting….BUT it’s only temporary. Prayers are with the people of our community and to the other Northern communities who have been effected.

    • Posted by I live in the Arctic on

      Very good to hear people are taking this seriously. Here in Gjoa Haven people have started wearings masks in the stores.

  2. Posted by Cindy Leishman on

    You would not know there is a lock down in Iqaluit, stores and post office are packed 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Posted by Amazon and Beer on

      The lineup at the post office is constant since everyone moved to working from home. Guess there isn’t much “work” being done. The beer and wine store lineup is equally as long and busy, however face mask usage in that lineup seems to be almost non existent.

  3. Posted by Mats Smallsacomber on

    It would seem that the GN’s plan to keep Nunavut COVID-19 free, has failed. Unfortunately, there appears to be no Plan B.

    • Posted by Glen on

      GN is helping nunavummiut, which is great, but ultimately it should be us, the citizens that should be doing all the efforts to keep the virus out by staying home as much as possible.

  4. Posted by Toonik’s Grandfather on

    Mats S., they don’t need plan B. NU is doing lot better than Man/Ont. But, us Inuit have a habit of not following orders or authority until……..too late. People are dying south of 60, let’s regroup and listen to medical experts.

  5. Posted by Realistic on

    The 1 and only plan has always been the travel hub. There are no other plans and none coming.

  6. Posted by okay on

    Arviat Strong! Je suis Nunavumiut!

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