Blizzard day? I thought you said beach day

Iqaluit filmmaker and friends brave Sunday’s storm for a little fun

Hannah Chung reads a magazine while lying on a beach towel in a swimsuit during the March 8 blizzard in Iqaluit. She says it was “so cold.” (Screen shot)

By Jane George

While most of Iqaluit was huddled inside during this past weekend’s blizzard, four residents frolicked outside as if it were a balmy Caribbean paradise.

A YouTube video of them, now with more 6,400 views, shows them, as the storm descended,clad in swimsuits playing volleyball, reading on a beach towel, applying sunscreen, and pretending to swim, with wind gusts up to 90 km/hr and a wind chill of -42 C.

The short film is the creation of Justin Tambogon, who, along with Hannah Chung, Isaac Freda, Kyle Jones and Kevan Nelson, decided to ignore the “frostbite in minutes” warning from Environment Canada to head out and make the video, called “Beach Blizzard Day.”

The video’s opening scene shows everyone cheerfully running out of a vehicle. But that was a scene they had to retake, Jones said.

The initial plan was to bring out a bunch of props during that scene, but Jones said they had “definitely under-estimated the power of the wind and everything was blowing away.”

“It’s us getting out of the car facing the wind, then giving up and screaming in about eight seconds,” Jones said on Monday, March 9, after the blizzard had finally ended.

As a result of the missed take, the group decided to keep the rest of the action a bit more basic in terms of set design.

Throughout the filming, they kept the vehicle running so they could warm up.

But, even so, Hannah Chung, who can be seen reading a magazine on a chilly beach towel in a bikini in one scene, admitted it was “so cold.”

Justin Tambogon, who shot and edited the video, works for the City of Iqaluit’s recreation department. And he has also produced other videos with the same group of friends as actors.

From beginning to end, it took only four hours to film and edit “Beach Blizzard Day,” Tambogon said. “Filming was difficult based on weather.”

But he had tested his gear on a previous short video, “Snowboarding through Iqaluit, NU.”

“Knowing it could handle the harsh weather up here was a good sign and filming this particular video was going to be good. I was dressed appropriately but as you can see everyone in the film had to take the bigger risk,” he said.

Tambogon said his film-making style and inspiration come from watching other great Canadian filmmakers on YouTube like Peter McKinnon and Matti Haapoja.

His other shorts are found on the YouTube channels “Justin Tambogon” and “Full Art Media.”

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(10) Comments:

  1. Posted by Kalunaaniituk on

    Thank you for the video. Something to watch now on the hot summer days. 🙂

  2. Posted by Now a Huge Fan ! on

    This is a very fun, well done video. I can’t even believe how brave you all are! What a great way to spend the day. They should show it at Cannes 😉 Congrats!

  3. Posted by Remove the Booze on

    Fun video, but maybe remove the booze. Open alcohol and driving a vehicle in a blizzard probably not a good thing to promote. Also being a city employee is not good optics. Remove the booze and it would still be a fun video.

    • Posted by Joshu on

      Why don’t you make your own video instead of telling these young folks what to do? I see you’ve said the exact same thing on another post. I’ll wait for your creation.

      • Posted by Remove the Booze on

        I am not telling young folks what to do I am stating that it could have been just a fun video without alcohol involved. It sends multiple messages about alcohol that I think are dangerous, especially with a city staff member who works with the City’s Recreation Department who I would hope would be more thoughtful on what actions they are promoting by participating and making this video. It is promoting Alcohol is needed to have a good time. It depicts everyone arriving by car and drinking. Consuming Alcohol in Public at what appears to be a City Playground. We have all these “Lets be Aware” campaigns sending positive messages about responsible drinking, and this is doing the opposite of that…… Still could be a fun video, just get rid of the Alcoholic Beverages is my comment.

        • Posted by Nonayo Blizznezz on

          None of the alcohol shots have anything that indicates they are on city property and they are definitely not carrying alcohol when they exit the vehicle.
          Drinking alcohol is okay. There is nothing unhealthy about the way the alcohol consumption is depicted in this video. It’s not being depicted as anything but fun and normal to have a drink in the middle of a Beach Blizzard Day. Sheesh.
          A person can work for the city and still have an artistic mind and some fun with friends.
          Lighten up!

  4. Posted by Blackhorse on

    Loved it…the Corona beer was a nice touch to add some humour in light of everything that is happening around the world related to the Corona Virus.

  5. Posted by lise vautour on

    I LOVED it….u guys seem to be having so much fun it just goes to show folks in other provinces that cold & snow is very Canadian and you just need to make the best of it. Shared it on Facebook….u never know you might even get a called from Ellen DeGeneres she loves these kind of thing. GREAT JOB

  6. Posted by Chiller on

    O. The suntan lotion was just frozen before the rub. Too cracking funny.

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