Booze profiteers use charity to ease their consciences


I must say that I really do see the “great help” that the sale of booze gives the community, as was pointed out in the letter to the editor “Sale of booze helps community,” by Bryan Pearson.

I see hoards of people staggering out of the Legion, Storehouse or any of the other watering holes, and then falling into a taxi for the umpteenth time in the month. I see a lot of money drunk every night by a lot of people. Many of these people have a problem with alcohol and cannot really afford to be there, but their money is so welcome at the local watering holes that they keep coming back night after night, drinking away their pay cheques.

I see their kids going hungry, without proper clothing and left unsupervised night after night so the parent or parents can go and “enjoy” themselves. I see women being abused physically or sexually by drunken boyfriends or husbands. I see elders being abused by their grown up children who want more money to go drinking.

I see young girls being sexually assaulted by drunken male relatives. I see men going to jail for the stupid things they did while drunk. I see the women’s shelter full of abused women because it isn’t safe at home anymore due to the drunken boyfriend or husband. I see people too hung over from the previous night’s drinking to go to work.

Yes, indeed, the sale of booze really helps the community.

The donations to the food bank, the daycare, the fire department and the van for the women’s shelter are merely done to help ease the conscience of those who rake in hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars from the sale of alcohol to people in Iqaluit.

They try to make themselves look like community benefactors when, in fact, they are a blight on the community. They prey on people’s weakness and profit from it to the detriment of all in the community.

It is a disgusting shame to see what the sale of booze has done to our community.

I wish to have my name withheld as I work for the GN and do not wish to be berated or chastised in my workplace for my personal opinions and views.

(Name withheld by request)

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