Business owners should respect their employees


All private businesses should treat their employees with respect and teamwork. Just because you own your own business, you don’t need to treat your employees with disrespect and thinking you’re better than everyone else.

Various private businesses owners are getting away with holding the employee’s cheque until 5 p.m. on pay day. Not only that, they sure like to complain, curse, and they continuously verbally abuse their employees without knowing it. Body language too.

Is it the employee’s fault? No. Who’s the one taking all the tension? The employees all right, taking it home.

It’s too bad that private businesses don’t know how to communicate with their employees, especially the ones that are in business already. So to all you private businessmen and women, it’s time you started communicating with your employees — and treating them with respect. No matter how old or undereducated they are. What goes around comes around.

Name withheld by request
Cambridge Bay

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