Calling all exorcists: is suicide caused by demons?


There have been talks and meetings about suicide victims for so many years now. There have been phone-in shows through the CBC, and many “walks for life” over the past years.

There have even been some organized prevention groups and some committee members. It works for awhile, only for a period of time, or just for a few months.

I think we the people who have been volunteering have been the real problems. We are not even dealing with the real problem. We need to go and search deeply into the hearts of men. But do we know how?

Do we think we can help a person who is at risk just by listening to the radio? Do we think some Gospel music that we play every day on the radio will solve the problem? Do we think a kid will read the pamphlets on the bulletin boards? I don’t think so!

If you want to resolve the real problem; you have to face the real problem face to face! Dig right into the heart until it is submerged. Don’t give up or leave the person until what is in the heart comes out!

But the problem is not going to be resolved if you do not have the gift to cast out the demons.

You will be the victim as well. In that case, ask and look for the right person throughout Nunavut. Perhaps even look as far as America to find the right gifted person, or persons.

We need a really gifted person or persons to deal with the problems and who have the gift for casting out demons. If you need to use an exorcist, use an exorcist to resolve the problem until the work is done and completed.

We never had these kind of problems before alcohol and drugs were introduced to Nunavut in what used to be called the Northwest Territories. We have more kids than we have social workers who can handle kids who are at risk. At school we have social problems and no one to resolve them.

Some parents or grandparents spend long hours throughout the night playing cards and gambling, some go out to bingo and buy Nevada tickets with all the money they received that day and spend the whole cheque with nothing left for food, or money for the children.

If we cannot cast out our own little demons we will need someone else to cast out our demons for us. It’s as simple as that and we will need the right gifted person to do it for us. Walking around is not going to cast out demons. You will need to dig right into the heart of the person to find out who is inside the person.

We would need at least two priests who could go to each community to visit the people who have depressions and possessions. The priests who are gifted would have to be on wages.

Don’t even think that a person who is at risk can be helped just by religion, and just by listening to the music and dedications on the local radio. The person is up against the black brick wall! They need help quickly and confidentially. Some will take less time and some will take hours and hours, but you must not give up until the work is done.

If we want to resolve the problem, we must go to the heart and deal with it; setting up meetings and committees is not going to resolve the problem; we have tried that hundred times already and it didn’t work.

We have called out to the ministers and pastors, but nothing seems to work. It is time to work on it in a proper way, not by walking and talking. I have the solution for it and I hope you are reading me clearly. If not, you will still be talking to the black clouds and it will just drift away and pass you by.

Get to the heart and cast out the demons that are causing suicide. Don’t play games with it anymore. You have tried it before and it did not work. So games are over; you don’t play games with the spirits.

Get to the point; go to the person, sit down in front of a person, and ask the spirit inside of a person: “Who are you?”

Keep asking until the demon response to your questions. Do not just ask, ask by the highest Name; ask by the Name of Almighty God; ask by the powerful Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth; who died on the Cross and rose again from the dead; don’t give in until the demon is cast out and has left the person. Victory in Jesus.

William Noah
Baker Lake

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