Canadian North shuffles executive team

Changes include new VP of cargo, airport operations

Canadian North Airlines announced new appointments to its executive team Tuesday, with Mathieu Plamondon (right) becoming vice-president of cargo and airport operations and commercial vice-president Andrew Pope taking on Plamandon’s former charters and business responsibilities. (Photos from LinkedIn)

By Nunatsiaq News

Canadian North has made two new appointments to its executive team, a spokesperson for the northern airline announced Tuesday.

Matieu Plamondon was named to the newly created position of vice-president for cargo, airport operations and facilities.

“Matieu brings to this role an extensive knowledge of our operations given prior roles with the company,” said Kevin Kablutsiak, senior director of marketing and communications.

Plamondon was previously Canadian North’s vice-president of charters and business. His new role will focus on the airline’s cargo business, Kablutsiak said.

Plamondon’s former charters and business responsibilities will transition to Andrew Pope, the airline’s customer and commercial vice-president.

“This will consolidate our scheduled and charters businesses under one area and provide much tighter coordination between these two parts of our business. Andrew’s priority will be to ensure the continued stability and performance of both of these important areas,” Kablutsiak said.

The changes will officially take effect May 30 and follow the recent departure of former CEO Chris Avery and appointment of interim CEO and president Rashwan Domloge.

Canadian North is an airline owned by the Makivik Corp. and Inuvialuit Development Corp. that services 25 communities within Nunavut, Nunavik and the Northwest Territories, as well as Ottawa, Montreal and Edmonton.


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(11) Comments:

  1. Posted by mikhangry4tendies on

    So much for an INUIT OWNED business, why dont you see any Inuit in high positions at Canadian North? and by high i mean vp and CEO.

    • Posted by Inuk on

      Before complaining about how there are no Inuit high up in the executives of Canadian North, check your information. Johnny N. Adams, an Inuk from Kuujjuaq is the Executive Chairman of Canadian North.

      • Posted by and before on

        and before mainsplaining that there is one Inuk in an exec position, it’s okay for Inuit to want to see more Inuit in senior roles.

        • Posted by Dumb on

          Is it ‘mansplaining’ every time a man says something you don’t like? Please let us know

    • Posted by Northern Guy on

      Maybe there aren’t Inuit in those positions because there aren’t any qualified Inuit interested in those positions.

  2. Posted by still here on

    my question is, why is there such parity in wages from bottom level employees to top executives, for a company that takes government handouts because it supposedly isn’t viable? this is the reason our tickets are so expensive in the north.

  3. Posted by Kitikmeot Resident on

    They should make Ilak fare unlimited for us, just like Pivut was. A lot of ppl don’t even travel or use theirs, can we have more please. We would travel more and they would make more money anyways.

  4. Posted by Umingmak on

    Putting lipstick on a pig doesn’t erase the fact that it’s a pig. Canadian North is a trainwreck. Prices keep going up just to pad the pockets of their executives. Cargo rates have more than doubled since the merger. Airfare is up as well, while flight schedules are drastically reduced (COVID is no longer an excuse for this – normal schedules should’ve resumed as soon as Nunavut ended its travel restrictions).

    • Posted by The Old Trapper on

      Nunavut ending its travel restrictions does not mean that passenger or freight volumes have returned to the same level as prior to Covid-19. Without looking I can pretty well assure you that both the GN and private business travel is still way below previous levels, just a guess but I would say it’s still down by 40-60%.
      This likely goes for freight as well. Are construction companies going full tilt ahead with any construction? Unlikely until Covid shakes out further. And that doesn’t count the worldwide supply issues, and high prices for just about everything. You do know that gasoline is over $2.00 a liter down south, right?
      Do you know what their executives make versus other positions? Even if all their executives worked for $0 it would only make a minor difference to their costs. Fuel, aircraft purchase/lease, maintenance, general salaries, that’s where most of the cost is for any airline.
      I get it, you don’t like Canadian North so you might as well take the opportunity to bash them.
      You’re a hero! /s

  5. Posted by Flyer on

    With the marriage of Canadian North and First air has everyone noticed the level of service has gone down while the prices have gone up?

    Also YK to Iqaluit via Rankin in June will be twice a week only.
    Other communities their services have been cut and also prices going way up.

    Would be nice to see a story on this as what I can remember is before the merger this was talked about and they promised it would not happen.

    On top of the millions received from the GN.

  6. Posted by Joe on

    Thought the GN Air Services Studywas going to fix all of this?


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