Canadian Rangers rescue Nunavik family of six

All members returned safely to Salluit after poor visibility stranded them

Quebec’s Crown prosecutor has cleared Kativik Regional Police Force officers of criminal responsibility in a July 2019 incident that resulted in the death of a Nunavik man. (File photo)

By Nunatsiaq News

Members of the Canadian Rangers successfully rescued a family of six who were stranded about 40 kilometres from Salluit over the weekend.

The Rangers were called in to support the Kativik Regional Police Force’s efforts after officers received a call for help at around 4 p.m. on Friday, April 24.

A man called in requesting police assistance as his family was stranded near an area known as Coviq, according to an April 26 news release. The family was having trouble returning home as visibility was deteriorating.

With no local volunteers available for the search and rescue operation, the police called on the Rangers.

Using GPS co-ordinates provided by the man, 10 Rangers set out. The group returned to town safely, with no injuries, at around 2 a.m.

“The operation was a success,” said Capt. Tony Paquet of the KRPF. “A command post with constant communication helped facilitate the search efforts.”

The news release notes that the family avoided a more serious outcome by having a communication device with them.

The police and the Kativik Regional Government’s Civil Security section reminded all Nunavimmiut of the following safe practices when heading out on the land:

  • Share your planned itinerary with a family member or friend, including when you intend to return.
  • Carry a communication device.
  • Check the weather forecast.
  • Carry essential survival equipment, such as a tent and sleeping bags, food for at least 48 hours, and extra oil and gas.
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(3) Comments:

  1. Posted by Inuk on

    The Rangers are the local volunteers. The governments need to respect more the Rangers and see them as regular CAF. Support them.

    • Posted by Volunteers on


      They are doing a job but they’re getting paid for as reservists.

      Regular CAF? See above, they are reservists. While the local knowledge and land skills is very helpful, they have nothing approaching the training standards of regular CAF and under no circumstances should be paid the same.

  2. Posted by No traditional skills on

    Salluit now had its share of tragedy over a few short years. Boating mishaps, lots of hunters died on the land. This is a result today of non experienced. Depending too much on the gps. Gives people lots of false confidence. Not saying that the is bad! its just people are not skilled anymore. They go out 40 or 50 kilometres and they’re lost. They also make bad decisions and choices when they venture out. As for Canadian rangers, it’s good to see them do so good. Th They serve better looking for lost people, than they would preventing the virus outbreak. Oh, that family of 6 or so, must of been from same household.

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