Christians shouldn’t bully others


I am writing this letter on a personal level, with no affiliation, or in support of any candidates. I hope people can read this with an open mind and the ability to accept other peoples’ views.

There has been a lot of talk lately from candidates, and politicians, about bringing God into the Government of Nunavut. This frightens me as a person who does not believe in a God and as a non-Christian. One of the candidates talked about wanting bring back God and prayers into the school system.

Another who has already been acclaimed states he will seek to amend the Human Rights Act because he does not agree with the same-sex union issue, which is not even part of the legislation. That part of the legislation deals with sexual orientation, not marriage.

But even if it was in the legislation, why should a person force their own views on another person? Canada is supposed to be a free country, a democracy, not a church-run state. Not everyone in Nunavut is a Christian or a church-going person, and not every Christian agrees with each other on what is considered acceptable to God.

Do these future lawmakers in our territory not realize that people have to live free from religion, and discrimination? Should they not realize that a person should not be subjected to other peoples’ beliefs?

We live in a multicultural society. We all have different beliefs and customs. Even within our own Inuit society, we have different customs and practices.

We as Inuit were always free to make our own choices, to live the life we wanted, without very much retribution, until the federal government and the church came to our land, and forced to accept their ways. For that we have suffered greatly, and a lot of death has happened as a result. Families were split, children were abused, and we lost our ways and independence as a result of being forced off the land, and forced to assimilate.

Now are we as a people, and a territory going to make that same mistake, if we allow these so-called Christians to forced their views, and customs on others?

What gives them the right to discriminate, to bully us with their views?

Am I next on the hit-list because I am not a Christian, don’t agree with them? I am going to be subjected to hate and discrimination? I believe in our traditional religion, the respect for elders, respect for the land and animals, and the way we name our children, which is a very spiritual part of our life.

We have more urgent things to worry about, such as suicide, housing, poverty, which is widespread in our communities. We need to work together to regain our dignity, to regain our freedom, and to try to live the best lives we can as a human beings.

I mean isn’t the goal of politicians to try and make our territory a better place to live for ourselves and our future generations?

Let me leave you folks with a couple of quotes from a wonderful human being and Muslim, Muhammed Ali.

“It isn’t the mountains ahead to climb that wear you down, it’s the pebbles in your shoes.”

“The man who views the world at 50 the same as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life.”

Robert Aingilliq Tookoome

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