Citing rudeness, Cambridge Bay postal workers walk off job

Canada Post says it’s working “to ensure that we have uninterrupted mail operations in the community”

Cambridge Bay postmaster Bo Wallenius decided to quit on Monday, Dec. 14, after 11 years in the post office, saying he couldn’t endure customer rudeness anymore. (Submitted photo)

By Jane George

People in Cambridge Bay who stopped by their local post office on Monday afternoon were met with a locked door.

Pasted on the inside of the window was a sign from their postmaster. It stated, “Due to continued rudeness by some people, I quit. Have fun trying to get you parcels. Bo.”

Postmaster Bo Wallenius, who had worked at the Cambridge Bay Post office for 11 years, posted the sign Dec. 14 before he and the other full-time employee, Jim Patterson, quit.

He said when he posted the sign he was so angry he was “vibrating.”

“I have put up with racism and other remarks and been accused of theft, taking people’s mail and things of that nature for 11 years. I decided I had enough,” Wallenius told Nunatsiaq News on Monday evening.

He said the stresses of his job became even more acute during the pandemic. While Wallenius always wore a mask, some coming into the post office refused.

“We posted a sign saying everyone must wear a mask and some people were laughing about it,” he said.

At the same time, Wallenius was dealing with more mail. Online orders were increasing in the hamlet of 1,800. Sometimes, the post office would get 300 to 500 parcels per day.

“It’s crazy. We regularly run out of space,” he said, adding post offices are dealing with the same thing across Canada.

“This is not unique to Cambridge Bay.”

Both Wallenius and Patterson have informed their managers and union representative about their decision to quit.

COVID-19 and rude customers

Xan Moffatt-Toews, the president of the Alberta, Northwest Territories and Nunavut Branch of the Canadian Postmasters and Assistants Association, knows Wallenius and praised him for his dedication to his job.

What Wallenius said he has experienced in Cambridge Bay is not unique, she said.

“We’ve always had aggressive customers, but nothing like we’ve had since COVID,” said Moffatt-Toews.

“This is not just isolated to Cambridge Bay only — the aggression from customers to workers has gone up 98 per cent.”

There have even been instances of violence against postal workers, she said.

Dale LeClair, the director of Indigenous and Northern Affairs at Canada Post, stated in an email that he is being briefed on the situation and working “to ensure that we have uninterrupted mail operations in the community.”

“Further, we will review and analyze the situation to ensure that staff well-being is addressed,” LeClair said.

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(72) Comments:

  1. Posted by Im with Bo on

    Post Office worker in Nunavut has to be one of the most thankless jobs in the Territory. They work harder than almost all other jobs in the Territory and get nothing but entitled people waiting for checks mouthing off at them when the plane doesnt land. Have fun getting your parcels (and checks) Cambridge.

  2. Posted by Home to Roost on

    Good for you, Bo. It is not hard to imagine the abuse you’ve put up with over the years. Many of us have seen the same behaviors in our own communities, and I’m sure there are many people who can relate to your experiences. I certainly understand the feeling of being the punching bag for people’s misery here in Nunavut.

  3. Posted by Harry on

    Difficult job to do, I hope those rude people have learnt a lesson and smarten up!

  4. Posted by Wendy on

    Bo I feel for you and just want to say thank you for your dedication for the past 12 years. I miss our conversations we had when I used to check work and personal mail everyday. The laughs we all had together with yourself and Jim, I will never forget. Wish you all the best and you will be missed

  5. Posted by Good stuff on

    Good for the post master and the other worker who quit. The north has more nastiness than most places. It’s like we the people are entitled to it all. Merry Christmas you nasty fools. Santa don’t served the nottie .

  6. Posted by Ya-hoo on

    Post Masters and Custodian…are the most hard-working ppl! No one thanks the custodians for keeping blgs clean..all they get is pick up others dirty mess just like post office…ppl always assume and point fingers…why not work for the post office and get that experience…I’m sure, you will most likely learn to understand the word, “Perseverance”!….

  7. Posted by Observation on

    While no one should be rude to public servents this is extreamly selfish.
    Many businesses here still operate in an old school manner. That means paper bills and paper cheques. You could be impacting businesses abilities to pay bills and their employees. We tried sending out cheques to individuals this morning for instance.
    Many individuals still operate using paper. This could result in late payments for bills which will result in individuals paying more interest.
    Even not considering the above this won’t make people less rude, those who are rude are not going to take this as some awakening that actions have consequences. You are just screwing over the good people. Next time tell them to pound sand rather than screwing things up for everyone. I think a bit more thought should have gone into this.
    If you need a day or two that’s different and anyone can understand that, but that should be communicated rather than a sign.

    • Posted by Get Real Ok on

      This comment reeks of its own selfishness to be honest. The issues you raised are real, and Canada Post will have to look after them. Ultimately, that’s their job too.

      To put heap all the responsibility on an individual who is tired of abuse and expect he just tell people off is not reality. Maybe some people can do that, but not everyone can handle that added stress and they shouldn’t be expected to.

      You’re right though, the jerks won’t learn a thing. This problem will likely never end.

      • Posted by David on

        I agree 100%.

        This is not Bo or Jim’s problem, it is Canada Post’s problem and the people of Cambridge Bay. That’s the great thing about living in a free country….. we all have choices.

        Entitled people like Observation, are hard to deal with daily. I get it and it’s just not worth it.

      • Posted by Observation on

        It’s not selfish to want to get people cheques before holidays. We as public servants all deal with rude people daily. It’s part of the job and will unfortunately always be part of the job. People will have bad days and mistreat other people or some people will just always displace themselves in rude ways. That is the reality of it. Think of all the call centre people that get screamed at daily that are actually just there to try to help.
        If every person in the public eye gave up after someones abuse we would just have a bunch of whimpering adults with nothing getting done. You either can or cant hack it and when you cant any longer its time to get a ticket, but typically a person gives notice. We just got a childish sign in a window.
        If a person wants to be treated as an adult and is claiming to not want to work because people are acting like angry children than they should act like an adult themselves. Giving no notice and putting up a temper tantrum sign is the oppposit of that. I don’t condone it just because I like the guy. This is just an objective view.
        I like them both, and i hope the best for them but this could have been handled better.
        I wish the best for them in their future jobs or retirement.

        • Posted by Let’s see you do it!! on

          @Observation, let’s see how you handle the job even for 6 months. You talk the talk. Now can you walk the walk?

          Kudo’s to the worker’s that put their foot down. Too many rude people that live off other people’s taxes and use the gov’t cheques to buy booze and drugs to make money off of it. That ain’t honest work. That is cowardly embezzlement feeding off of peoples habits.

          • Posted by Obervation on

            I have worked many jobs in the public eye. From fast foot to serving the public fixing things to dealing with customer complaints. If you think people are even remotely rude here come work in a big city. Cambridge Bay has a very slow flow to it in comparison to any major metropolitan city where people are buzzing on coffee working 14 hours a day and just waiting to displace anger at every turn.
            Just because you have some type of personal connection or feeling does not simply mean the situation was handled in a professional matter which is all I am saying. People are absolutely free to leave their position if they can’t take it any more but theres mechanisms built into employment contracts for that.

            • Posted by Population size matters. on

              You are wrong. In large cities you have small interactions of rudeness with people you won’t see again for long enough that both of you forget who the other is and you have a normal interaction. Up here, with a population of 1,800 people and 11 years as the Postmaster, it is reasonable to assume that EVERYONE in Cambridge Bay knew him. They saw him outside of work at the stores, at the community events. They knew him personally and still chose to be rude.

              If you think some stranger complaining about cold fries is the same as the people you see day after day hurling abuse at you, accusing you of stealing (STOP ORDERING WEED FROM THE GREY MARKET DUM DUMS) packages on the reg, and possibly cussing you out after hours, you might be one of the ones throwing abuse without realizing it.

              My own community has had a note on the post office for 2 months now telling residents to NOT HARASS the Post office worker on social media or they’ll keep quitting. shockedpikachu.jpg

              DO BETTER NUNAVUT.

        • Posted by Get Real Ok on

          Observation: interesting attempt at reframing this. You say:

          “it’s not selfish to want to get people cheques before holidays”

          No… but that is not why I am calling you selfish. Missing your mail is an unfortunate consequence of this. Canada Posts has a duty to fix it. The world has not ended.

          Selfish is expecting others to put up with abusive circumstances in order to ensure YOUR needs are met. It’s not Bo or Jim’s duty in life to put up with abuse because you don’t approve of them leaving, or because you don’t approve of they handled it or because you seem to think people should just suck it up.

          • Posted by Observation on

            I do believe people should suck it up. I think that is a fundamental life lesson. Life gives you lemons go through your typical process of giving two weeks if you don’t want to make lemonade.
            I am saying the situation was not handled in a professional manner.
            Do you really believe this taught rude people anything? No, iv anything you proved they can get under your skin. You gave them the reaction they wanted. Bo will simply be replaced, Canada Post isn’t going to withhold a persons package because they were rude. All Bo did was reinforce that you can get under someone’s skin and make them melt down. Nothing was gained, the rude people won the day.

            • Posted by Bob’s Your Uncle on

              Wow….So you are one of those leftist apologist’s who thinks everyone should just take the continuous abuse and harassment (violation of Human Rights code and Provincial/Territorial Harassment Policies, and when threats are made, the Criminal Code) and just get on with life….

              Also, clearly, you’ve never worked in a Post Office in a small Arctic communities, where this abuse happens regularly which I have observed both a employee, a contractor and a customer. Instead of siding with the abusers, maybe you can come down off your throne and educate the abusers instead? No? Too much work or too much abuse?

            • Posted by Just sayin’ on


        • Posted by Sean French on

          I stand behind my words by using my real name. I was a franchise postmaster for the Co-op post office in Coral Harbour in the late 90s.

          I understand 100% the frustration with taking abuse while just doing your job. Even though we just sort whatever arrives from the airport, many customers would hurl abuse if anything was late or missing. And if it’s early, suddenly we’re heroes? Neither reaction is realistic.

          I saw a mention of racism in the comments. I just want to clarify, the majority of ALL groups are wonderful, but the ignorant jerks ruin it for everyone. If I serve 100 wonderful happy people and then endure 30 minutes of abuse from a jerk, I go home feeling miserable. I never saw a racial difference. Most Inuit and Southerners were awesome, but I had problems with some from both groups. Not many, but enough to ruin my day.

          I support the decisions made to quit, although the timing does seem a tad vindictive. But since I didn’t experience whatever it was that pushed them over the line, I cannot speak as to the appropriateness of the timing.

          The parties that abused them too much WILL pay, though. It’s a small town. People will find out quickly what happened, and I’m sure many will be very unhappy. I would not order any delivery food for a while, if I were them.

          And “Observation”, although your point seems valid, your motivation seems suspect. Seems like you don’t really care about the postal workers or their customers, you’re just upset that it makes YOUR job more difficult.

          • Posted by Obervation on

            I never claimed to care. I care about the process which allows the flow of business to continue to operate. Furthermore, I don’t have feelings towards the fast food worker, or bus driver, or the person giving me my coffee. I do always believe in being polite and would frown at anyone not being polite, but at the end of the day I don’t care about that interaction. I have it, I forget it. I want to get from A to B or get a coffee. A service. A service that I expect should continue because people uphold themselves to their contract.
            Yes it does not say they have to take abuse in a contract, so they are free to quit, and I support that, but I support it via the right way which is a simple two weeks notice which allows Canada Post to adequately find a solution.
            Even if you don’t serve the public I could never imagine just walking out and leaving my co-workers stranded with all my 50% done projects and have them not knowing where to start. That isn’t in me. I have left jobs due to dissatisfaction and I have always given notice as well as a constructive exit interview.
            I believe in that process and you can have a different opinion that is okay. People are so wrapped up that I have a different criticisms or opinion that its clearly invoking an emotional response. Its okay to like a worker and support their choice to quit, but again in the world of business and contracts theres a process for that. I support both the employees right to quit and that process.

            • Posted by Get from A to B on

              Thank goodness there are people in the world that’s living a life more than getting from A to B . Those limited to such a short distance contributing only the minimum, are lowest of the human race. Most people that I met in my life, are far from the between of theses two letter objectives. Personally, I wouldn’t serve them mail , coffee, or any other service.

            • Posted by No Moniker on

              Observation, I would suggest that people don’t like your opinion because it is littered with facile insights and vain moralizing. It also reeks of self interest, it lacks compassion and empathy, a feigns the pretense that because you have taken abuse, everyone can and should also take abuse, which you imply is normal and character building. At the same time, you at least admit you don’t care about these individuals, relationships such as these are all transactional to you, you use people for a service and move on. In that case, one wonders why you expect these individuals care about you?

              Like others I question your motivations here too. For example, you seem to imply that it was Bo’s job to teach his abusers some kind of moral lesson. This is a bit strange. Then you ask if this was handled professionally, I wonder if these points are just a wedge to open the door for you to deliver a sermon on ethics (the sermon itself being the only real point)..

        • Posted by Just sayin’ on


    • Posted by Huh? on

      Are you saying these people shouldnt be entitled to quit their jobs when they feel like it because its an inconvenieince to you? Perhaps its entitled attitudes like yours that are a large part of the problem…

      • Posted by Observation on

        No, they are free to. I am saying they should give two weeks notice like almost every contract has at a bare minimum. That is a typical process and allows necessary time for changes.

        • Posted by Yuri Podmoroff on

          Look your opinion is awful. No one should tolerate abuse because of your two week minimum. That is sick.

          • Posted by Putting in your 2 weeks on

            Observation, I agree with you, if you don’t like your job or you are burnt out, it is standard practice and most considerate if you put in your two week notice so your employer can find a suitable replacement while you transition out. HOWEVER, if you are being harassed or assaulted at your place of work that is NOT okay and you are NOT obligated to tolerate it for an additional two weeks. (Disclaimer: ideally your employer has an HR system that is functional so you don’t have to give up your job but that is often not the case).
            Bo and Jim, I apologize on behalf of Cambridge Baymiut, you will be sorely missed but I hope life has great things in store for you next.

    • Posted by SAMUEL BROWNE on

      11 yrs of abuse..verbal &racial ..all came to a head..reverse discrimination is alive And well..I have experienced it 1st hand…persona non grata they made me……

      • Posted by hermann kliest on

        so there is a systematic discrimination out there in first place after all? what goes around comes around…

  8. Posted by NoWonder on

    People are so rude, always blaming the postal workers.
    Happening here too in Sanikiluaq, nothing but complaints when they can’t handle
    People at their worst, just sitting there, just waiting, not doing anything, not even working yet criticizing postal workers.
    Got even worst when Covid hit Sanikiluaq, people complaining, as of they can deal with everything that a postal worker handles. Every cargo plane arrives, people start to complain, nothing but complain. As if the world will end when post office doesn’t open.

  9. Posted by Unsurprised on

    This abuse is normalized everywhere and it us NOT ok. 500 parcels a day is a lot for only two staff. Not to mention low wages and no housing. If all of the people making the cheque theft allegations really felt that way then get a bank and direct deposit. Or pay to have it sent through secured mail with tracking. Canada Post has no idea of what it is actually like working and living in Nunavut. They keep making false promises for the employees and the customers.

  10. Posted by Manapik on

    I guess people are going postal .

  11. Posted by Customer Service Industry on

    It’s no wonder that majority of customer service people quit their jobs or why nobody wants to work them, you put up daily with people who are completely ignorant towards you for no real reason.

    I tip my hat to both Bo and Jim for their hard work and dedication they have provided to giving Cambridge Bay such excellent service at the Post Office and will miss hearing Bo’s jokes and laugh.

  12. Posted by Tuktuborel on

    I can relate to Bo and James issues, being a former civil servant, I have experienced the same ill mannered people. One tries their best to let the bad times slide away but at the end of the day it does take its toll on a person. It is too bad though as most people are very good and it just takes a few bad ones to spoil it for all.

    Some people are just too spoiled and self serving and just do not care if they hurt others.

    • Posted by Reply to Tuktuborel on

      Did you also work at QEC? They started treating people like dogs there after 2016. Government did nothing.
      I hope the feds offer Bo some support.
      Merry Christmas to you.

  13. Posted by Northern Inuit on

    I have seen some pretty deplorable behaviour at the Post Office of late, from people asking about CERB payments to packages from Tweed. When the Tweed packages do not arrive, you can see them get ready to snap, swear and storm out. I don’t care of weed is legal, don’t take your withdrawl anger out on our Postal Workers, who knows why it didn’t arrive, maybe the plane didn’t land, maybe it was lost, maybe it is sitting in a sorting centre down south.
    No need to take your anger out on people just trying to do their jobs. smarten up people.

  14. Posted by Payup on

    Postal workers in Nunavut are overworked, and are not paid the Arctic equivalent of what workers down south are paid. Canada Post treats them like absolute garbage. They can’t possibly provide the level of service that is needed in order to provide efficient service because they are understaffed. They are understaffed because they barely earn more than a high school student working at Northmart. Down south, if you get a job with Canada Post, that is often where you retire because it is a good job. Up here, it’s where you go when to work when you can’t get anything else. Those workers are awesome and if customers are unhappy, being mean and rude to the workers is cruel and pointless. If you are frustrated, tell Canada Post to do a better job at compensating their employees. Maybe then people will want to work there. They are handling our valuables that we have already purchased and important, sensitive documents. Compensate them accordingly.

    • Posted by The real deal on

      Canada post has been treating these outlets like garbage in the hopes of offloading them to the stores for years now, thankfully the stores keep rejecting there small offer’s there’s enough customer issues and dealing’s with drunks shopping everyday..Newcerb benefits cheque’s are now being abused but don’t worry N T I will come bail everyone out..And as for the cheque issue let’s not forget our fearless mla’s took away fees, so many people closed there bank accounts and now get cheque’s. Reverse society.

  15. Posted by Customer on

    I cant help but think anipanami…….
    I have seen the way people treat postal workers. They do not deserve to be treated like this.
    Heres a crappy solution.
    Get security and ban the trouble makers from the post office and security can keep them out.

    • Posted by Susie Taptoona on

      Good idea ? that might help postal staff from being abused!

  16. Posted by Edwin A on

    Being from this community I feel a shame that how we treat the people that been there for us everyday helping us get what we need and talking with us to make our day a great. So on behave of the community I would like to say sorry for how u and Jim were treated

  17. Posted by Oscar on

    Well I hope who ever started this mean BS towards two awesome people, I hope you are HAPPY NOW. These were two of the nicest people you can chat with, they always made you laugh, had great stories to tell.

    They would even work through the very early mornings and late nights (before everyone is up) to have mail in our boxes and parcels sorted. they will be greatly missed. Total bull crap on how some people can get stupid. It is not Bo and Jim’s fault that mail does arrive.

    • Posted by Oscar on

      Opps, it is not Bo and Jim’s fault that mail doesn’t arrive.

  18. Posted by Wheres the union on

    Nobody should be made uncomfortable at work. The GN hires security for Health Centre, Why not hire security for Canada Post??? They have packages with weed and other things That’s why they are getting threat because people are addicts for their weed and angry. union says violence and threats are up 99% since Covid. Horrible customersm they should ban those who are making threats and then too bad if you want your mail, you can pay now for cargo. Its an essential service but doesn’t mean you can be a jerk. Bo and Jim deserved our respects and now we lost them, but we cant blame them. It will be a sad Christmas in Cambridge.

    • Posted by Jeff on

      My thoughts exactly. Hire a burly security detail & let them deal with the stupid rude people. Find a solution b4 penalizing the entire community by quitting at Xmas during a pandemic due to 20% ignorant people. And posting a sign on the window… ?

  19. Posted by Society is Rude on

    There are nice people out there, although others seem to be frustrated all the time.
    They were paid to do a job, dealing with the public is part of it. I doubt they changed anyone’s demeanor.

    • Posted by You are correct….. on

      You are correct, when you work with the public you can expect the occasional rude people.

      However, as an individual you can decide when enough is enough. The fact that these individuals quit during an extremely busy time is amazing. The fact that they put their foot down and said they will not be victims of abuse anymore is fantastic.
      They have literally done what a significant portion of the “transient” workforce has dreamed of doing.

      I congratulate them and commend them for no longer willing to be victims of abuse and racism. Often workers up here accept the abuse and are called “outsiders, mercenaries, transients” and other loaded terms.

      So bravo for the workers and I wish them nothing but the best.

      • Posted by Great news on

        Great that they quit, enough is enough, and quit when it matters most, is the lesson that needs to be made. Merry Christmas, be notty or nice.

  20. Posted by Disgusted on

    People can be so ignorant! It is not the Postal staffs fault that the does not arrive? Getting mad at the Postal staff does not speed up the incoming mail! They have no control on the arrival of the mail! To those people that beak off! Have a coffee, breathe. Chin up Bo and Jim. Thank you for your service!

  21. Posted by anonymous on

    Foremost, if this issues with people bullying and/or being rude to the postal workers, why didn’t the workers report this to their boss or supervisor? Why now and it’s 10 days before Christmas, some people have no heart when it comes to being rude to others.

  22. Posted by Let me sort their own mail on

    Let them sort their own mail. Lots of people could and should do the same thing in some of theses nasty behaviour in theses communities. And just look at who they are that’s working. They’re hard working people who have come from afar to live and work and help the community, where many locals won’t get out of bed until beer sales time. Many people like them should do the same , and let’s see the community falling apart at the cracks like mr observation is saying. Observation shoukd promote workers locally to get going in the morning , then all will be well.

  23. Posted by Civilian on

    I wish I was there when this happened so I could give the folks a taste of their own medicine. Such a shame that two really nice guys felt the need to walk away from their duties to this community over the rude and unjust behaviour of a few. I don’t think that up and closing this valuable service is the answer though. This impacts the whole community! The whole community can’t get service now? The kids presents, the elderly payments, the letters to Santa? Businesses have to check mail at night? Wow. Still going backwards in time and lowering service standards. That’s Nunavut for you. Give me the keys. I will go work there so that my community can get postal services. We are a fly in community and rely heavily on our post office. And to those rude folks, shame on you.

  24. Posted by Little lady on

    I hope the lady complaining on facebook is ashamed of herself. She was so proud when she was putting the mailmen down. Its people like you lady who are the problem of small towns. You have no decency towards other people and we all know who you are!!

  25. Posted by Go viral on

    I’m hoping that this goes viral somehow. Show the world what idiots are doing to good working people who come north to work, and do a good job. The bullying, the abuse. This has been living for so long, and it continues to live in theses little towns, where there’s just a little bit too much anger and racism towards the outsiders who do all the important work. Let them fin for themselves now. Shall see the decline in service . Like the old days when the local post master would be fired for stealing the booze. Remember them days very well. Back to the old days or what?

  26. Posted by I’m getting nothing for Christmas on

    There couldn’t be a better time than Christmas to deal with the naughty people who abused the postal workers. Santa wouldn’t have it any other way. But nice people must suffer too. But you know something: that’s the way it is really. When you see abuse and bullying, and rudeness around you, we all pay for it, so next time you see it find a way to condemn it.

  27. Posted by Caroline on

    I’m sorry that this happened Bo and Jim are kind and friendly people. I know for a fact that Bo would give the shirt off his back to help people and Jim had always had kind words and good advice. Those who treated them with disrespect, I hope you are ashamed of your actions.

  28. Posted by Fall apart on

    The wheels of northern communities are turned by those outsiders who work tirelessly to provide the service. If you were to take everyone from outside and have them stop working, the northern communities would died quickly. I live in a northern community where the average local are not showing up to work at least one day a week. Their always late. The school classes are oftentimes canceled due to local teachers not going to work. Daycare rooms are notoriously closed , with no show locals. The hospital is run by outsiders period. Police services are outsiders, so is vital government jobs, and adequate teachers with proper credentials . Can you imagine, like John Lennon song: can you imagine all the outsiders gone.

    • Posted by hermann kliest on

      these remarks are belittling northerners/Inuit of CB an nunavut in general, is this a blatant racism on the lose or what? this note came short of say “these people’…moderator; how could you let this note stay on in a discussion panel? it’s clearly referring to the people of CB, the Inuit…as the most lazy, unskilled work force, longest coffer breakers, most uncaring about their jobs, an open targets for someone to vent their frustration for their time in Nunavut.

    • Posted by R.P. DWYER (Gjoa Haven resident since 1973 ) on

      I have known many good Inuit workers over the years, just as good as non Inuit.
      Some people come North to make money, nothing wrong with that either.
      Regardless of race, you will find hard working, and crass lazy people everywhere.

  29. Posted by Forever Amazed on

    Read all the comments.

    Nunavut has been a territory for quite a while now. Why are positions such as this (postal workers) still manned by southerners? Why haven’t northerners stepped up to the plate, get educated, get trained so that these jobs can be manned by northerners? It won’t happen overnight, however, you have had time to do this.

    • Posted by Reality Check on

      Northerners dont want these jobs. They are low paying and require good attendance and a strong work ethic, not to mention Canada Post requires High SChool Diplomas. And those that do work for Canada Post usually quit after a few months due to stress or because they get a better job elsewhere in town.
      Most beneficiaries with a High School diploma are basically qualified for a high paying GN job where you can take two-hour breaks, show up as you please, and socialize with your peers for 7 hours a day over coffee.
      What one would you pick?

    • Posted by Dd on

      Re-read your message… you gave the answer.

  30. Posted by Christmas Cheer! on

    Way to go Bo!
    I’m sure this was a heart wrenching decision, and one that was made with the support of your Union.
    The timing of this follows historical, well planned, and very strategic moves by Canada Post . I am not at all surprised by the December departure.
    Racism is rampant, towards both Inuit and non-Inuit, and yes it’s multifaceted and historical, but it simply has to stop!
    That being said I fear for Bo’s safety during this time.
    I’ts common knowledge that drugs are transported via Canada Post, as well as, the cheques people are dependent on, and Christmas parcels, however, problematic substance abuse produces behaviour that is most often violent in nature.
    Zero Tolerance Policies exist but are only as good as the paper they’re written on if they are not enforced!
    Canada Post…shame on you!
    Best Wishes Bo and thank you for all of your service!

  31. Posted by Umilik on

    These two are great guys, and they absolutely did not do anything to deserve the poor way that some people have treated them.

    This is just par for the course in Nunavut though.

  32. Posted by Mike on

    Canada post needs to step up. Dealing with the public all day . $17.00 per hour. No overtime. Working in the north. Should be a $35.00 or $45.00 job .

  33. Posted by Mike on

    Thank you for your service Bo and also Jim. CANADA POST needs to consider and respect their employees much more in the future in Cambridge Bay. Step up and pay your workers much higher – higher per hour and especially benefits. Someone not doing their job. The BOSS !!

  34. Posted by Northern Guy on

    This isn’t an issue about pay, its an issue of common decency. Perhaps the good people of Cambridge Bay need to take a good long look in the mirror. No one deserves to be verbally abused at their place of work. And yes you can quit a job with immediate effect to make a point.

    • Posted by Artie on

      They should have given 2 weeks notice so POffice could find replacement workers esp. during a pandemic & at the busiest postal time of year. That would have been the mature thing to do. Guess their ROE will say ‘quit’. Next up.

      • Posted by Get real on

        At least they put a sign up. The standard way to quit in Nunavut seems to be “I don’t feel like working anymore I will just not show up anymore and not tell anyone”

        • Posted by Civilian on

          The standard way to quit in Nunavut is to not show up? Must be a Canadian standard, not solely up there. I’ve worked in the service industry in the south. People “quit” in a pretty similar fashion down here too. lol

          • Posted by Not quite… on

            I guess you’ve never worked at or owned a business in the north. As someone who’s worked several years both down south and up north, there is no comparison. Yeah there are some cases in both, but as a percentage of workers, the comparison isn’t even close. I know of some businesses in Cambridge Bay where maybe 2 of 10 workers can be relied upon to show up regularly. If you owned a business in the north you would understand. Many businesses fail in Nunavut because staff don’t show up for weeks on end, and then end up needing to hire transient workers from down south to fill the gap. That is not the case down south.

            • Posted by hermann kliest on

              come on…”weeks on end”? boy you sure have low opinion of Nunavut and it’s people, one good thing about small businesses up here; they do not have fire arms or machetes under their cash register to shot petty thieves and those who try not to pay for their vehicles gas-ups…many of us who have live up here all our lives are pretty darn lucky and many for those who have chosen to have families and live up here permanently.

  35. Posted by Please give me my mail and save the chatting for your breaktime on

    Walking off the job with no notice is totally unprofessional.
    Do you have any idea how much chatting these guys do?
    Yes they are nice. Yes they are kind. Yes we will miss them.
    But i really just want my mail, not a long story every single day.

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