City of Iqaluit investigating tap water smell

Residents reported smelly water coming from their taps over the weekend

Some Iqaluit residents complained about stinky water coming from their taps over the weekend. (File photo)

By Nunatsiaq News

Complaints from Iqaluit residents over the weekend that their tap water had a smell to it — some saying it smelled like oil — has prompted the city to investigate.

The quality of Iqaluit’s drinking water is tested daily and all results have passed the necessary standards so far, the city said in a news release.

Even so, public health officials were in contact throughout the weekend in response to the concerns voiced on social media, according to the release.

The city’s tap water is disinfected with chlorine and ultraviolet light, so there might be a chlorine-like smell in the water, the release said, but just in case, additional testing is ongoing.

People are being asked to call the city’s dispatch 867-979-5650 to report any concerns about their water.

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(4) Comments:

  1. Posted by thirst on

    Has anyone from the city bothered to go to the homes of the people who are complaining about the smell and taste of the water? It would be helpful to get a whiff of what they’re experiencing, no?

    • Posted by anon on

      I live near the middle school, this was happening at our place over the weekend but it’s gone now. It was not a chlorine smell.

    • Posted by Benedict Fortin on

      Just read the news article about the smelly water. Now there’s no water. It’s been cut off. Just a trickle coming from the tap.
      So I can’t smell it. Strange coincidence.

  2. Posted by Downtown Iqaluit House on

    We were experiencing a smell from our water tonight, nothing like chlorine, more like fuel oil, however now when I run the tap now the smell seems to be gone.

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