City budget stays the course

Increases contribution to reserve fund by $50,000 over last year



Iqaluit city council has passed a resolution to accept a stay-the-course budget for 2002.

The city proposes it will take in about $12.5 million mostly from taxes and GN grants, supplemented by revenue generated by municipal departments, such as recreation and bylaw.

The city proposes to spend about $12.1 million in the coming year, leaving a surplus of about $450,000, which will go into its reserve fund.

In the 2001 budget, about $12.4 million was proposed as revenue and about $12 million went into expenditures.

The 2002 capital budget was also approved. The city proposes to spend about $4.8 million on capital projects this year, ranging from the installation of meters in homes receiving water and sewage services, to paving the driveway in front of the fire hall. The projects will be funded mostly by GN dollars.

The city’s water treatment plant will have its capacity increased, at a cost of about $3.3 million, and a small-scale sewage treatment plant is to be installed by the city in Apex to reduce the number of visits made by water and sewage trucks. The estimated cost of the installation is $325,000, to be partially funded by grants and a loan.

About $30,000 is being allocated for sidewalk planning this year. And for the roads, a new garbage truck and two water tanks will be purchased. The total price for the vehicles is estimated at about $250,000.

A second response ambulance is necessary this year for an estimated cost of $175,000 and repairs need to be made to the city’s Santa Claus parade float for an estimated $10,000.

About $20,000 will go to planning a new cemetery because the existing one is full, and about $40,000 will go to legalize software used in city offices.

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