Congratulations to Peter Kiatainaq


I would like to congratulate my second cousin, Peter Kiatainaq, who once again brought home the gold and the cup for winning the Ivakkak race this year.

Angs (I call him “Angs” – short for “Anitsak”) is an inspiration to all of us and makes us very proud. He won because of his skills, perseverance, and the love he has for his dogs. I hear that his team is really good and obedient to him.

My son Joe, 10, is really inspired by him. He was given a dog last year and he named her Minu after Peter’s dog team leader.

During the race this year, our dog had four puppies. Although we, the parents think it takes a lot of responsibility to have dogs, we will keep all the puppies for the sake of our son. This way, he could learn to take responsibility and teach his team to musher. Maybe, one day, he will participate in Ivakkak. Just thinking about it makes me emotional.

Nalligivagit Angs, again congratulations!

Mary A. Pilurtuut

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