Crack cocaine in Nunavut must be stopped


Upon hearing the disturbing news that the worst drug possible has made it to Nunavut, and even worse, to my home town of Pangnirtung, I felt obliged to write a letter to all those who live there, because, whether you’re involved or not, you will feel the ripple effect strongly.

Nunavut is too young and too strong a territory to be destroyed by the epidemic that this drug will cause. Our youth have too much going for them to be drawn into a downward spiral because they are naive about this drug.

But a lack of education on crack cocaine will get the best of them.

That is why I am asking that everyone, involved or not, make every effort possible to teach people about this and to take as many preventative measures as possible to stop this in its tracks before it becomes a serious problem. Once it does become a serious problem, the damage will have been done.

As long as everyone sticks together and doesn’t take a backseat on this issue, I am confident that the fine people of Nunavut can fight and conquer this together — knowledge is power.

Although crack cocaine has polluted the rest of Canada, Nunavut does not have to follow suit.

(Name withheld by request)

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