Dog saves pal

Alerts humans to accident unfolding



Seven-month-old Natsiaq’s short life hung in the balance. Dangling from a rope cinched tight around his neck, he held on to this earth by a fur.

During a visit to Kimmirut from Iqaluit, the pure bred Bichon had been playing on the steps of his mother’s friend’s home. Tied to the steps by a leash, he ran up and down excitedly, playing with homeowners Ooloota and Kikidjun Kooloola’s own little dog Bailey.

Meanwhile, Ooloota was outside cleaning up around her home, unaware of the near-fatal tragedy unfolding on her front steps.

Gaily picking up garbage, Ooloota was startled and confused when her dog came running up to her, barking incessantly and jumping up and down, then racing off toward the house.

After several repeated performances, Ooloota decided to follow her dog back to the house where her eyes fell upon a grim scene.

Natsiaq had found a way to tangle himself up in his leash and was dangling from the front porch, barely conscious.

Friends and family quickly came to the helpless dog’s aid, rescuing and reviving him from almost certain death.

If it were not for the smarts and bravery of the Kooloolas’s little white angel, Natsiaq could have been lost forever to the Great Dane in the sky.
Natsiaq’s mother, Syola Ikkidluak, and his grandmother Beatrice, will be forever grateful for the selfless act demonstrated by the heroic angel dog, Bailey Kooloola of Kimmirut.

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