Don’t blame the captain, blame the government


My name David Sateana. I lost my youngest brother with the crew of the Avataq.

Captain Louie Pilaqapfie actually cared about his crew. They just got caught in the bad storm. If you were a captain, you would care about your crew. Do you have any feelings? This incident was preventable, but Louie was an inexperienced captain, he didn’t have the seniority. I would really watch what I say about not caring for his crew if I were you.

The federal government should be accountable since they stopped inspecting the small boats for a few years. Someone in Churchill should have stopped them. There are two bodies lying 10 miles out of Arviat, in a very shallow area and Manitok Thompson said that they aren’t looking for the two missing bodies. That is so stupid.

They should recover the bodies, or at least look for one last time. The government isn’t looking and individual families are setting up to look so they can satisfy their hopes in recovering those bodies.

Don’t blame Louie, blame all levels of government for not doing their jobs.

David Sateana
Cambridge Bay

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