Ed Mckenna – wrong again


Ed McKenna may be the last to know (or care, for that matter) what I own or manage (“Should Nunatsiaq News apologize?”, April 22), but to correct the erroneous information he provided last week, I offer the following corrections.

I am not Vice-President of Nunavut Operations for Northern Property REIT – I resigned that position in June of 2003, almost two years ago. I am a trustee of that company. (There’s a big difference, Ed. Check it out. I go to four meetings a year!)

There is no “large retailer in Iqaluit” called “Arctic Management Services Ltd.”; but there is a large retailer called “Arctic Ventures 2000 Ltd.”, commonly known as “Arctic Ventures,” and I proudly admit to being its president and owner – but everyone already knew that (except perhaps Ed).

If Ed McKenna is so interested in full disclosure, why didn’t he list the businesses that Stu Kennedy has ownership in or manages?

Kenn Harper

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