Eff-you’s a sign of language loss


Alacie Arngak, the chairperson of Nunavik’s regional health and social services board, said if Inuit believe in their language, they should speak Inuttitut in the South, with interpreters, when meeting with government officials or other groups.

“This is something we must consider,” she said, at the recent Makivik Corp. annual general meeting. “We have to be inventive and make sure we promote our language.”

Makivik Governor George Koneak complained about the poor quality of language in Nunavik, particularly among children.

“It hurts when you hear ‘fuck you’,” Koneak said.

“Our children copy us — at three years old, they’re saying ‘fuck you.’ This is something we must stop. When you are conversing with someone, be aware that someone may be listening into your conversation.”

Minnie Grey, the chief Nunavik government negotiator, said Inuttitut needs to be the future regional government’s working language and she encouraged youth to stay and school and speak Inuttitut.

“Continue with your education, so you will be able to come back into your new government with your own language,” Grey said.

Her message reached Nunvimmiut who were listening to the meeting live on Taqramiut Nipingat Inc.’s broadcasts in the region.

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